HopSkipDrive launches HopSkipImpact, connecting nonprofit organizations with safe youth transportation

HopSkipDrive safe youth transportation for nonprofitsAs the leading safe transportation solution for schools and families, HopSkipDrive is pleased to announce the launch of HopSkipImpact — a new program aimed at supporting and amplifying the work of nonprofit organizations across the country. Through this program, we are committed to connecting eligible nonprofit organizations with safe youth transportation by providing $50,000 in HopSkipDrive ride discounts. 

HopSkipDrive proudly partners with school districts, local education agencies and more to facilitate safe transportation for kids ages 6 and up, as well as for anyone else who may need a little extra care. With HopSkipImpact, qualified 501(c)(3) organizations will have access to HopSkipDrive rides at a reduced cost, which will help them get kids to summer program offerings, summer camps and other beneficial activities while school is out for the summer.

HopSkipImpact aims to help nonprofits stretch their budget, expand their impact and serve a larger segment of their community. Nonprofit organizations that align with HopSkipImpacts values of economic empowerment and equity, education and enrichment, and environmental sustainability are encouraged to apply to be a HopSkipImpact partner. Nonprofit organizations interested in learning more about the program or applying can visit our HopSkipImpact page

CASA of Los Angeles is teaming up with HopSkipDrive as an inaugural HopSkipImpact partner to arrange transportation for children in the child welfare system or foster care during the summer. This partnership will allow these children and youth to attend enrichment activities they may not have been able to participate in due to transportation barriers.

Additionally, some rides will be earmarked for commitments that come with being involved in the child welfare system, such as court appearances, parenting time sessions, sibling visits and therapy appointments.

“HopSkipDrive was founded with the mission to create opportunity through mobility, and we’re proud of the work we do every day with our partners,” says Joanna McFarland, HopSkipDrive Co-founder and CEO. “With HopSkipImpact, we aim to walk alongside nonprofit organizations that fill a critical need for kids in our communities, especially over the summer when school has ended for the year. We know many people and organizations face barriers to opportunity because they simply don’t have a way to get where they need to go, and we are uniquely positioned to help solve that challenge.” 

“At CASA of Los Angeles, we believe every child deserves the opportunity to participate in summer activities and programs, and our collective goal is to remove barriers that may prevent them from doing so,” said Charity Chandler-Cole, CEO of CASA of LA. “Transportation arranged through HopSkipDrive, and the hard work of our staff and CASA volunteers, we will create brighter summers and futures for our children and youth in foster care.”

We look forward to working with nonprofits through our HopSkipImpact program to help ensure children have access to the valuable educational, enrichment and other summer activities that are available to them in their community.

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