HopSkipDrive brings safe, reliable kid transportation to Seattle

Hello, Seattle!

As of this week, HopSkipDrive CareDrivers are out on the road serving King County families and schools.

As the first transportation network purpose-built for kids, and with millions of safe miles traveled from coast to coast, HopSkipDrive comes to town with a track record families and schools can trust.

Our innovative safety measures include deep driver vetting, unmatched parental visibility, and a dedicated Safe Ride Support team who monitors every ride in real time.

Whether you’re a busy parent who just needs one ride a week to make things work or a school district administrator with semester-long series of trips to arrange, HopSkipDrive couples simple logistics with cutting-edge safety systems and peace of mind.

Seattle families are already talking about us

It’s only Week One, but we’re already getting to know some Seattle families and riders new to the platform.

“My son gets around town a lot of different ways. He bikes. He walks. He uses the bus. But there are certain times when those options just aren’t good,” said Susan (mom to Felix, an area middleschooler).

“Sometime, my mom can’t always take me to soccer because they change the schedule,” said Felix.

We hear you loud and clear, Felix.

“As a working mother of two, I understand how challenging it is to balance your children’s ever-changing daily schedules with workplace demands,” says HopSkipDrive co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Joanna McFarland. “Parents shouldn’t have to choose between their careers and their children’s education and activities, but that tough choice is very real for countless families.”

HopSkipDrive helps schools and districts meet mandates and improve student outcomes.

King County has 20 school districts in total serving 280,000 students across 800 campuses, and the challenge of student transportation has been exacerbated by acute regional driver shortages, which are driven in part by mandates.

HopSkipDrive provides school-of-origin transportation for homeless and foster youth

With the third largest homeless population in the United States and an 88% surge in student homelessness over the past five years alone, Seattle area districts face enormous challenges in making sure homeless youth receive the school-of-origin transportation they need to thrive.

Lack of reliable transportation also exacerbates Seattle’s 11.3% rate of chronic absenteeism. HopSkipDrive is in advanced discussions with multiple area districts to help bridge these gaps.

Learn more about HopSkipDrive’s transportation solution for students with unique needs.

Seattle is HopSkipDrive’s 11th market in 7 states. Already the go-to solution for schools and families in California, Colorado, Phoenix, Houston, the DC Metro region, and Northern Virginia, HopSkipDrive is a safe, convenient and dependable transportation service that gets kids where they need to go.

If you’d like to become a Seattle CareDriver, apply here!

And learn more by checking out hopskipdrive.com and following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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