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HopSkipDrive’s brand purpose: Create opportunity for all through mobility

At HopSkipDrive, our brand purpose is to create opportunity for ALL through mobility. 

As a mission-driven organization, we have always placed great emphasis on living our values in all that we do.  We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children and families. And, we understand that transportation can be the difference between success and struggle for kids traveling to school every day.

Every person in our organization is committed to helping kids reach their full potential. We’re a group of seasoned professionals – many with a background in education – we’re caring parents, and committed advocates that believe we can make a difference by eliminating transportation challenges as a barrier to opportunity. 

Meet some of our team members, who share what our brand purpose means to them and how they live it in their daily work:

We are truly creating opportunities for those whose past and current circumstances have defined their ability to grow.  I hear it everyday. The heartfelt thank yous are not just a sign off for callers when they reach us, but a genuine expression of gratitude from someone who feels this community is backing them. Their gratitude fuels every bit of what I do. – Lily, Safe Ride Support

Our brand purpose is the meaning behind why we do what we do each day, and safety is always at the forefront of every decision we make. Both Trust and Safety are two main pillars for our company and are reflected in the work I do to support the community through ongoing platform safety developments aimed to help reduce risk and mitigate incidents during the ride to ensure we can continue to create these opportunities for all. – Mike, Trust & Safety

It means we ensure that mobility doesn’t pose a barrier for the most marginalized. Every day I advocate for the most underserved populations, the hardworking moms with limited transportation options, the youth aging out of the foster care system, and entering higher ed or the workforce. Outside of my work at HopSkipDrive I serve as a mentor and advisor to entrepreneurs of color, helping to usher them to success, connections, and solutions, I mentor first-generation college students who need someone they can relate to while making valuable introductions that can change the course of their future and serve on multiple non-profit boards that are focused on some of the biggest challenges our society faces. – Qiana, Strategic Development

Brand purpose is at the core of every single action I take at HopSkipDrive! Every single ride is creating opportunity for a Rider, while every analysis is for the sake of creating a more seamless way our technology platform helps to alleviate mobility as a barrier. I appreciate the tangible nature of the opportunities created by HopSkipDrive and am grateful that we can all unite around this vision when making decisions and handling high-pressure situations. – Michelle, Client Services

Rally the communities we serve (kids, parents, schools, agencies, drivers, staff, and investors) to create favorable outcomes for all parties. How? Make principled progress and don’t give up. – Bob, Business Intelligence

Our brand purpose means that we’re dedicated to bridging the equity gap in this country and giving fair access to everyone. I live this in my daily work by focusing on making it seamless for CareDrivers to access and  use the platform, so that they can contribute to the mission while growing their own business as an independent contractor. – Arianna, CareDriver Programs

To me it means providing access to safe transportation for every community (children, seniors, disadvantaged communities, schools, businesses, etc) and thereby enabling them with the ability to seize more opportunities and reach new heights. As a QA engineer, I am always making sure that all of our apps are working properly, and that our customers are happy with every new feature and release. – Jeff, Engineering

I joined HopSkipDrive because I’m dedicated to its purpose.  I believe that all kids should have the ability to access opportunity.  I work toward that each day by attempting to navigate an abundance of regulatory hurdles so that we can fulfill our brand purpose. – Trish, Legal & Regulatory

To me, HopSkipDrive’s brand purpose represents a level playing field in life. Over my time working at HopSkipDrive, I have really come to understand the positive impact that access to dependable mobility has on the futures of students and children. This is something that in the past I never paid much attention to or was aware of. I try my best in my daily work to ensure that I can help enable students and children to have equal access to transportation by working to connect and inform the HopSkipDrive community of CareDrivers, Consumers and our Education Clients. – Gabe, Marketing

The experience for Riders and CareDrivers is incredibly important. We are the safest and most trusted solution in the market for both sides of our marketplace. This impacts every decision that we make from the price we offer to the operational details that we decide to support. – Toby, Sales

I see this happening directly as I communicate with people everyday on both sides of the spectrum. CareDrivers who want to work, kids who need to get places, parents who need support. By providing the connections to mobility, we are creating so many meaningful  and important opportunities. – Natalie, Community Support

Our brand purpose is not just about putting words on paper. It is something that we all truly live and breathe every single day.  It is what brings us together when times are tough, what keeps us going, and allows us to grow and continue to support communities across the country. We will create opportunity for ALL through mobility every day!

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