The Must Be Met Safety Requirement Guide

Must Be Met Tag

HopSkipDrive helps thousands of people get where they need to go safely, and sometimes that means providing additional measures to make sure every Rider arrives at their destination safely. One such safety measure on the HopSkipDrive platform is the must be met at drop-off safety tag, which you can learn about in more detail below. 

What is the Must Be Met safety requirement?

The Must be Met safety requirement is a safety setting that Ride Organizers use to notify CareDrivers that a specific Rider must be met by a responsible adult at the drop-off location. While there are strong processes in place to help ensure all Riders are dropped off safely, the must be met at drop-off safety tag indicates that the CareDriver must locate an adult to hand the Rider off to at drop-off. 

How to know if a Rider must be met at drop-off

The must be met at drop-off safety tag is visible throughout the ride-claiming and in-ride experience to ensure CareDrivers know they’re claiming a ride that requires these additional measures. The visibility of this tag also helps remind CareDrivers that they’re transporting a Rider who must be met by an adult at drop-off. 

This tag is visible on the Available Rides list view, the Ride Details page, and next to the Rider’s name throughout the ride. When CareDrivers are driving a Rider with this safety requirement, they will notice a screen reminding them that the Rider must be met by an adult before they are able to proceed to the drop-off instructions. 

Best practices for CareDrivers when driving a Rider with the must be met safety tag

  1. Stay with the Rider until you locate a responsible adult 
    Even if it seems like there are plenty of school staff around letting Riders out of cars, this safety requirement means that CareDrivers must pass off the Rider to a responsible adult in accordance with the Rider-Specific Location Instructions instead of just letting them out of the car. Staff may not always be outside and available, which brings us to our next point. 
  2. Provide door-to-door service when necessary
    When driving a Rider who must be met by a responsible adult at drop-off, CareDrivers may find that certain locations require you to get out of your vehicle and walk the Rider into the building. CareDrivers will be automatically compensated for their time if they need to park and walk the Rider in to meet a responsible adult at drop-off.
  3. Follow all notes and instructions
    Reading through and following all notes and instructions can help CareDrivers determine where exactly to go when dropping off a specific Rider. Notes and instructions may also detail where to go when it’s necessary to walk the Rider inside a building to drop them off with a responsible adult. Be sure to always follow Rider-Specific Location Instructions, if provided, since these will often include information about who the responsible adult is for Riders that must be met. Don't just rely on Location Instructions, which are generic, and will never include an individual Rider's instructions.

What to do if you can’t find a responsible adult at drop-off

It’s critical for CareDrivers to stay with a Rider who must be met until a responsible adult who can confirm drop-off can be located. As a reminder, you will be compensated for this time automatically. If you can’t find a responsible adult, the first step is to review all Instructions to ensure you’re in the right location. Remember, Rider-Specific Location Instructions should be followed over general Location Instructions if they differ. If you still can’t locate a responsible adult, tap the I can’t find a Responsible Adultbutton to be immediately connected to our Safe Ride Support team.

We encourage CareDrivers to explore these helpful resources, which aim to provide a better understanding of what to do when driving a Rider with the Must be Met safety requirement. Regardless of whether a Rider’s profile has this tag or not, CareDrivers can always reach out to us for assistance if they ever feel uncertain or uncomfortable dropping off a Rider. 

Arranging care-centered transportation for kids, older adults, or anyone needing extra support couldn’t happen without the network of highly-vetted CareDrivers who choose to drive with HopSkipDrive. Enhancements like the Must Be Met safety requirement help CareDrivers who are at the heart of this experience have all the information they need about the ride right at their fingertips, helping them deliver a smooth & consistent ride experience for populations who need it the most and help them get to where they need to go. 


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