Meet HopSkipDrive CareDriver Lie Narti

Lie NartiAs a single mom of four children, Lie Narti knows the struggles of juggling work, school, and family appointments and errands all too well. That’s one reason why she views the role of a HopSkipDrive CareDriver as a valuable contribution to her community.

Since becoming certified as a CareDriver in early 2022, she has completed almost 350 trips in the Denver, Colorado, area. She enjoys being a CareDriver so much that she has convinced two of her friends to join the HopSkipDrive CareDriver community.

What made you decide to become a CareDriver?

I have children, and I love to drive kids and senior citizens. Helping families is like paying the community back, in a way, for the help I got as a single parent. 

What do you like most about being a CareDriver?

Helping families and having flexible hours.

Tell us about your caregiving experience. 

I have struggled as a single parent with four kids. Juggling school, work, doctor’s appointments and running errands is not easy.

Now, my eldest daughter is independent and on her own. My second daughter is still figuring out her future but she also has her own job. My youngest daughter is now a senior at Denver University, and also works part-time. My one and only son started high school this year. I am so thankful and grateful for my family.

Have you had any special experiences with Riders that have been meaningful to you? 

I had a teenager I picked up from middle school. On the drive home, she talked about why she ended up in foster care and how she and her siblings had to be separated, and she told me about her parents. And that was my very first day driving her as a CareDriver. As a mom, it broke my heart to hear her story. 

I also picked up a little girl from elementary school. In the Rider’s notes on her HopSkipDrive account I read that she is a very shy girl. On the way home, however, she didn’t turn out to be so shy! She talked a lot, and even showed me some of her drawings. She told me about her teacher, her friends and her siblings. 

Have you learned anything surprising from your Riders? 

Yes, indeed. I have learned about compassion and patience — and I have come to appreciate just how blessed my family is.

Do you tell other people (such as family and friends) about HopSkipDrive?

Yes! I even got my friends Diana Kristanto and Reny Gosyen to become CareDrivers!

How important do you think HopSkipDrive’s mission (to create opportunity for all through mobility) is, and why?

It's very important, in my opinion, to help families in need, and to give them security so they do not need to worry about their kids’ safety. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about your experience as a CareDriver? 

I wish I started driving for HopSkipDrive many years ago, back when I used to drive for Uber. 

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