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Meet HopSkipDrive CareDriver Sharon Coffey

Sharon CoffeySince becoming certified as a CareDriver on the HopSkipDrive platform in January of 2020, Las Vegas CareDriver Sharon Coffey has completed more than 1,000 rides. She enjoys the flexible schedule that being a CareDriver allows for, as well as the sense of gratification that comes from helping families and children.

What made you interested in being a CareDriver?

The opportunity to help families and children get to and from their destinations.

What do you like most about being a CareDriver?

Making my own schedule, interacting with people and being of service.

Have you had any special experiences that have been meaningful to you?

Yes! I hold a special place in my heart for children who still have a warm and happy spirit, even though they may be going through trying times. 

My experience being a CareDriver has been extremely rewarding. It feels good to be able to help others, especially single parents and the Department of Family Services.

What have you gained from being a CareDriver?

I’ve become a better driver! I am more focused on safety and protecting Riders at all times.

Have you learned anything surprising from your Riders?

They all have great personalities, and many of them are very inquisitive.

What advice would you give to other CareDrivers?

Concentrate on the experience, the drive and safety. Also, be patient with the kids. And most importantly: stay focused.  

Do you tell friends and family about HopSkipDrive?

Yes I do. My sister told me about HopSkipDrive originally, and here I am now — a loyal and dedicated CareDriver!

How important do you think HopSkipDrive’s mission (creating opportunity for all through mobility) is, and why?

It’s very, very important because there are so many families out there that don’t have the support they need to transport their children to different destinations — especially single parents. HopSkipDrive is an excellent platform for these instances.

Interesting in becoming HopSkipDrive CareDriver?

Visit https://www.hopskipdrive.com/drive for more information. 

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