Meet RouteWise AI™, our new name for Strategic Routing

RouteWise AI_final-LinkedIn-1HopSkipDrive is proud to solve complex transportation challenges where there is a heightened need for safety, equity, and care. As part of that work, in 2023, we launched our Software and Advisory function, solving the biggest transportation challenges facing schools and school districts around the country, including budget cuts, bus driver shortages, and reaching climate goals.

Our flagship product, termed Strategic Routing at launch, is an award-winning AI-powered transportation optimization solution. This product looks at analyzing a school district’s complete transportation landscape, including the student base and available vehicles, as well as district-specific needs and preferences to deliver customized routing options, scenario plans, and recommendations to meet each district’s unique goals.

Since first beginning work on this offering, we have been proud and inspired by the impact. However, it also became clear to us that the name didn’t effectively communicate the power of this product and the technology behind it. 

That is why we are proud to announce a new name for Strategic Routing: RouteWise AI.

In identifying a name, we solicited feedback from internal teams and industry leaders, valued clients, and more. Through those conversations, it became clear that we wanted the name to accurately communicate and reflect that our offering is:

  • Solving complex problems through routing solutions
  • An AI-based solution. This product applies AI and machine learning technology to deliver comprehensive routing plans, accounting for all students needing transportation and all vehicle types available. 

We already know that RouteWise AI has made an incredible impact on schools, students, transportation teams, and communities as seen in our partnership with Colorado Springs School District 11

Through working with HopSkipDrive, Colorado Springs District 11 was able to optimize their routes and vehicle mix to drive meaningful outcomes including:

  • Improved efficiency with a 46% increase in their share of high-utilization bus routes 
  • Improved on-time arrivals from 85% to 99%, leading to better educational outcomes for D11 students 
  • Increased driver pay by using savings to fund a significant driver raise 
  • Identified opportunities to reduce their capital budget by 40% over 10 years 
  • Reduced carbon emissions by 31%

When we first shared these results, Colorado Springs District 11 Superintendent Michael Gaal said:

“When we started, we had bus routes without drivers, furious parents, overwhelmed staff, and kids missing invaluable learning time. That is all changing. Our creative and hard-working transportation team, in partnership with HopSkipDrive . . . is transforming our district’s approach to transportation. I’m proud of how our team and community embraced HopSkipDrive’s innovative portfolio approach, which is now ensuring all kids in the district have safe and reliable access to a high-quality education. I am charging our team to continue innovating with HopSkipDrive and create additional efficiencies and service improvements for next school year.” 

We’re eager to continue growing this product in partnership with schools and school districts around the country. 

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