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One family’s HopSkipDrive story

Kid’s gotta dance? The Mosley family knows the feeling.

Carly, age 12, has been a serious dancer for more than five years. She does jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop and ballet, and her teams have won numerous awards.

Getting to daily rehearsals at The Rage in Granada Hills was no problem when the family lived closer to the studio. But when they moved nearly 20 miles away two years ago, the trek became  a challenge.

Carly’s mom, Jennifer, tried enrolling Carly in a local studio near the family’s new home, but things just weren’t the same.

“She missed her friends, teachers and her studio terribly,” Jennifer said, “but I work in Glendale, and I couldn’t leave work early every day to go pick her up and drive her to dance.”

Then she found HopSkipDrive. Jennifer loved the idea of having fingerprinted, background checked and experienced caregivers driving Carly to and from her dance classes.“            

I came upon HopSkipDrive and it literally saved us,” Jennifer said. “Carly was able to go back to the studio she loves, and I don’t have to leave work early to pick her up.”                                                     

Carly takes HopSkipDrive to dance rehearsal several times a week these days. Her younger brother, Jacob (age 10), often rides along so he can get to his jiu-jitsu class nearby.

“I get to have peace of mind knowing they’ll get to their destinations on time and safely,” Jennifer said.

For this dancing family, HopSkipDrive has all the right moves.

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