RideIQ session: Understanding Rider Notes and Location Instructions

Rider Notes and Location InstructionsWhether you’re managing transportation for 10 riders or thousands of riders, using the right tools is critical to ensuring a smooth and consistent ride for all involved.

To streamline the ride experience, we’ve developed Rider Notes and Location Instructions, which enable you to provide information to CareDrivers during the ride. Read on to understand more about these features. 

The Importance of Notes and Instructions 

Filling out Rider Notes and Location Instructions with clear, helpful, and comprehensive information helps reduce confusion and calls during a ride. By utilizing these features in RideIQ, you’ll help create a smoother ride experience for all — including Riders and school staff. This ultimately keeps rides on time and reduces strain for on-site staff when trying to locate a Rider.

Understanding Notes and Instructions

There are three types of Notes and Instructions in RideIQ: Rider Notes, Location Instructions, and Rider-Specific Location Instructions. 

  • Rider Notes include information that CareDrivers will find useful when driving a Rider.
  • Location Instructions include information about the pickup and drop-off locations for the CareDriver.
  • Rider-Specific Location Instructions include information specific to a Rider’s drop-off or pickup experience.

Tips for Creating Effective Notes and Instructions

Notes and instructions can be a powerful tool in ensuring a smooth and consistent ride experience for your Riders. You can make sure your Notes and Instructions are impactful by following these best practices when creating them:

Keep them short and sweet

Overloading notes makes it harder for CareDrivers to read and remember all of the information.

Provide information that will be useful

This includes information such as which pickup line to wait in and instructions for meeting an adult for Riders who require an adult to meet them at drop-off.

Do not include sensitive information

Do not include phone numbers or additional points of contact in the Notes and Instructions.

Not sure what to add? Reference this chart, which features examples of what to include. 


Did You Know…

Through our enhanced caregiver onboarding for Riders with disabilities, caregivers can directly contact our Support Team to add notes about their Rider. They’ll also be able to get answers to any questions they may have about HopSkipDrive or rides that are currently scheduled, reducing phone calls and ride management work for you. 


Staying on top of Notes and Instructions

After you add the Notes and Instructions, it’s important to schedule time to review them regularly to ensure CareDrivers have clear, concise, and updated information.

Taking time at the start of each new school year to audit notes and location information before scheduling rides can be pivotal to enabling a smooth transportation experience for all.

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