5 key takeaways from HopSkipDrive’s 2022 Safety Report

School transportation was designed to ensure equitable access to education for every child. The system as it exists today, however, still has room for improvement. Our vision is to modernize student transportation by filling the gaps in our existing system to enable equity, eliminate inefficiencies — and raise the bar on safety. 

Our approach to safety remains at the core of the work we do. We believe in holding ourselves — and the industry — accountable through transparency. That’s why in 2019 we became the first (and remain the only) organization in the student transportation industry to publish an annual Safety Report detailing safety metrics and platform investments.

Learn more about how we are continuing to raise the bar on safety by reviewing five key takeaways from our 2022 Safety Report below, or read the full HopSkipDrive Safety Report here.

1. 100% of rides ended without a critical safety incident

More than 777,000 rides were completed on the HopSkipDrive platform in 2022, covering more than 16 million safe miles driven across 22 markets. All of these rides ended without a critical safety incident. This is consistent with our three previous Safety Reports, and continues our impeccable safety record.

2. 99.7% of rides ended without a safety-related concern of any kind

For the small subset that experienced a safety-related concern, only 0.020% of those rides experienced a traffic collision. Of that subset that did experience a traffic collision, only 0.003% of those were considered to be a major collision in which one of the vehicles was towed away from the scene or medical attention was requested.

3. Telematics technology serves as a superior impairment detection tool

We believe mobile-phone based telematics technology, like what HopSkipDrive uses, is a far better indicator of the types of impairment that lead to risky driving behaviors. Today, telematics capabilities can identify if a CareDriver is using their cell phone while driving, speeding, hard braking, rapidly accelerating and more.

In fact, according to researchers, telematics solutions can be up to 98.83% accurate in detecting drunk driving behavior, demonstrating why real-time telematics technology is far more accurate, effective and valuable than one-time tests. 

By gathering telematics data, sharing it and communicating with CareDrivers about what this data indicates about their driving patterns, our platform can enable a feedback loop that promotes year-over-year improvement in safe driving scores.

4. HopSkipDrive continues to expand its reach each year while maintaining safety 

The total number of safe rides delivered through the HopSkipDrive platform more than doubled from 2021 to 2022. In addition, we launched in three new markets in 2022, expanding operations into Philadelphia, Tampa and Detroit. 

Even with the tremendous growth we’ve experienced, our safety data has remained consistent year over year — including 100% of rides ending without a major incident in the past four years — proving our safety measures are scalable. 

5. We will continue to invest in safety-related advancements

Regardless of our stellar safety record, we know our work on safety is never done. That’s why we are constantly innovating on new ways to make our community even safer. 

Here are just a few of the many things we did to promote the safety of HopSkipDrive Users in 2022:

  • Enhanced the product capabilities relating to live support with our Safe Ride Support System technology
  • Introduced chat functionality to further User experience
  • Through our partnership with an industry-leading insurance provider, HopSkipDrive continues to pursue new telematics solutions to deliver data that can indicate impairment in an effort to further amplify safety for all Users

As we move forward with our efforts to redefine student transportation to meet the modern-day needs of kids, families, schools and communities, we’ll continue to prioritize safety above all else. We will remain fully committed to transparency, innovation and accountability as we work collaboratively with industry partners to help ensure equitable access to education for all students through safe, reliable transportation.

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