The Best 5 Reasons to Join HopSkipDrive as a Dallas CareDriver

At HopSkipDrive, our mission is to arrange reliable and safe transportation for children and older adults — really anyone who needs a little extra care. Over the past few years, HopSkipDrive has expanded to many markets, including the Dallas metropolitan area. Our Dallas Fort Worth CareDrivers make their own hours, connect with their community and earn extra money while they drive kids.

Here are the top five reasons why you’ll love driving on the HopSkipDrive platform:

Part-time work in Dallas that fits into your schedule 

Many of our CareDrivers are looking for driving jobs in Dallas that are flexible and part-time. If you drive for HopSkipDrive, you’ll always be in charge of your schedule. Pick the days and times you’d like to work, and feel free to change them whenever you want. 

“I like the flexibility in setting my own schedule,” one CareDriver said. 

Plus, you’ll never have to accept a ride you don’t wish to drive. Dallas is a huge city. Not all our CareDrivers want to drive from the Northwest Suburbs to South Dallas, and that’s okay. 

Earn up to $32 an hour while you work with kids

If you’re looking for a part-time job driving in DFW, you’ll want to find out which companies offer the best compensation. Dallas-based Uber and Lyft drivers make about $16 an hour. But Texans who drive with HopSkipDrive can make up to $32 an hour, plus bonuses.

Whether you need part-time work in Arlington or East Dallas, HopSkipDrive can offer CareDrivers flexibility, control of their schedule and solid earnings. 

“The earnings are good,” said one CareDriver. “Couldn’t be happier!”

Earn cash after work or during retirement 

Many CareDrivers on the HopSkipDrive platform are semi-retired or have other jobs. These drivers often seek part-time work that’s rewarding, pays well and is highly flexible. 

What exactly do part-time CareDrivers do with the rest of their days? Some of them are stay-at-home-parents, others work as substitute teachers or caregivers, and others work part-time in healthcare or another caregiving industry. Others are retired caregivers looking for a fun and meaningful way to supplement their retirement savings. 

“The flexibility of the job gives me the opportunity to do the other things I enjoy doing,” said one CareDriver.

Join a team of empathetic, kind DFW residents

All CareDrivers must meet criteria to drive on the HopSkipDrive platform, including:

  • At least 23 years of age
  • Have a 4-door car less than 10 years old
  • Cleared background check
  • Clean driving record
  • 5+ years of caregiving experience

These criteria promote a safe, consistent experience for our Dallas-based Riders. HopSkipDrive requires caregiving experience to create a positive ride for all Riders, every day. Experienced caregivers have the skills necessary to make Riders feel welcome and secure. 

“I love to bond with my riders and get to know them,” said one CareDriver. 

Connect with your Dallas community

Best of all, CareDrivers are able to help their community, all while earning money! Whether your ride begins in the Northeast Suburbs or the Mid-Cities, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with others and make a real difference.

Yes, HopSkipDrive helps students get from school to the dentist, or to a tennis lesson, or to their grandpa’s house. But beyond that, HopSkipDrive serves some of Dallas’ most vulnerable groups. CareDrivers help foster youth continue to attend their school of origin, provide rides for students experiencing homelessness and give children with special needs a safe and comfortable way to get to and from school.

At HopSkipDrive, we believe that reliable transportation is key to educational equity. As a CareDriver, you’ll get a chance to make a difference in the lives of children and seniors who need your help getting where they’re going.

“What I love most about my job is having the opportunity to help those that need and depend on our service,” said a CareDriver who’s been driving for over one year. “It gives me a sense of responsibility and a feeling that I am doing something of purpose.”

Ready to start making a difference in your Dallas neighborhood? Sign up here today to drive with us. 

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