Why drivers love making money with the HopSkipDrive driving app

HopSkipDrive driving appIf you like to drive, you enjoy spending time with kids and you’re looking to make some extra money, the HopSkipDrive app might be the best driving app for you.

Drivers who utilize the HopSkipDrive app to claim rides are called “CareDrivers.” Being a CareDriver comes with many benefits, including competitive earnings, the ability to create your own schedule and the chance to connect to — and help — children and families in your local community.

The experience of being a HopSkipDrive CareDriver is different from driving using typical ride share apps. HopSkipDrive partners with school districts, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and families to help get kids ages 6 and up — and anyone else who may need a little extra care (such as senior citizens) — where they need to go.

Because HopSkipDrive supports the transportation needs of vulnerable populations, anyone who wishes to drive using the HopSkipDrive app needs to pass an in-depth, 15-step CareDriver certification process. This safety-driven process ensures that all CareDrivers have the qualifications and characteristics they need to be successful.

Read on to hear first-hand accounts about some of the many reasons why HopSkipDrive CareDrivers love driving using the HopSkipDrive app.

The flexibility

All drivers who use a driving app to make money are likely to value the freedom that comes from being able to work when and where they want to. HopSkipDrive CareDrivers are no exception.  

Whether they’re working more than one job to make ends meet, they’re looking for part-time income in retirement or they just want to be able to have free time when it suits them, CareDrivers love the flexibility of being able to choose their own schedule. 

Through the HopSkipDrive app, CareDrivers can select rides that work best for them. Says one CareDriver:

"I’ve been driving with HopSkipDrive for a bit over a year now. I make my own schedule, and I know in advance weeks prior to scheduling with my other job."

“The flexibility gives me the opportunity to do the other things I enjoy doing,” reports another CareDriver.

The ability to stay close to home when driving is also a benefit, as another CareDriver points out. “I am thankful for the opportunity to work with this company. Being able to set my own schedule, and being able to work with the kids in my community, is just the best.” 

The dedicated CareDriver support 

HopSkipDrive is a mission-based company that aims to create opportunity for all through mobility. That means when you become certified as a CareDriver and use the HopSkipDrive driving app, your experience is backed up by a company that places a high value on the safety and well-being of everyone who uses the HopSkipDrive platform — including the vital CareDriver community

HopSkipDrive has a dedicated CareDriver support team that is focused on ensuring the experience of being a CareDriver is a positive one. CareDrivers often reach out to share feedback with us — which we love! — and many of them thank us for the opportunity. 

One CareDriver who uses the HopSkipDrive driving app on the side says he loves working with our team. He summed up his CareDriver experience with one word: “WOW!”

Here’s what a few other CareDrivers have to say about the support they get from HopSkipDrive:

“What I love about this company is they are truly always there when you need them. All I can say is I enjoy it! You can count on HopSkipDrive, that’s for sure.”

“I really appreciate the help we get on the road and the caring individuals who help us.”

“I love driving for HopSkipDrive! The pay is great and the support staff is amazing.”

The easy-to-use and helpful driving app

As far as driving apps to make money go, the HopSkipDrive app is intuitive, convenient, user-friendly — and supported by a responsive technical support team. HopSkipDrive continuously solicits feedback to iterate and improve on the app.

HopSkipDrive driving app, plan routesSays Tamara Rosas, a CareDriver in Phoenix, Arizona: “HopSkipDrive seems to be listening to CareDrivers and really working to make changes that are helpful for us — and the company. I appreciate that the app makes it easy for me to get a good route.”

With the HopSkipDrive app, CareDrivers can plan routes ahead of time, see exactly where they’re driving and estimate how much they’ll earn with each ride. CareDrivers also receive detailed information about the Riders they are transporting. 

“With the information I get (about the Riders), it’s not as if I’m driving to pick up someone off the street,” says one CareDriver. “With the HopSkipDrive app, I know my schedule, I know specific directions and I know if there are special instructions.”

“The app is very helpful! I especially like the feature that tells me the time I should leave my house, and that it adds in the extra cushion I always like to give,” says Los Angeles-based CareDriver Mishelle Sharp. “The map is also helpful, as is having full information on who to contact if I need help. It’s good to have a direct link to reach them without having to call HopSkipDrive. I also really appreciate when the families or organizations add in additional notes related to how to find the Rider or what street to take to get into the carpool line.” 

Here’s what more CareDrivers have to say about the experience of using the HopSkipDrive app:

“I tell other people about the great support that is provided to CareDrivers, and the user-friendly software for picking and completing rides.”

“The app is so easy to follow, the pay is great and the kids I drive are wonderful.”

“I love being able to schedule my rides — I especially like scheduling a Ride Series. Driving can sometimes be stressful but knowing where I’m going daily helps a lot.”

The opportunity to help those who need it

HopSkipDrive aims to open the door to opportunity for everyone. The HopSkipDrive driving app connects CareDrivers to those who need access to safe, reliable transportation in order to get where they need to go. 

A large majority of the Riders on the HopSkipDrive platform are kids who need help getting to and from school, appointments or extracurricular activities. The transportation needs of many of these children — including those experiencing homelessness, those in foster care or those with special needs — can’t be easily met with traditional school transportation. 

HopSkipDrive driving app helps kidsThis is one example of how HopSkipDrive CareDrivers — who we also sometimes refer to as “caregivers on wheels” — are stepping up to the plate to provide a much-needed transportation option for kids, one that can sometimes mean the difference between struggle and success.

“I feel like this company is going in the right direction in meeting the needs of all the children,” says one CareDriver. “I’m looking forward to many more years driving. I love, love, love the kids! They are amazing.” Echoes another CareDriver:

"I have been a CareDriver for a while now, and I am loving it! What I love most is having the opportunity to help those who need and depend on the service. It gives me a sense of responsibility and a feeling that I am doing something of purpose."

Parents, of course, also use HopSkipDrive to help them manage the challenges that come from juggling family transportation needs, work and other responsibilities. And they often tell us about how vital the role is that HopSkipDrive CareDrivers play in their lives: 

“HopSkipDrive has great CareDrivers and amazing customer service. I set up the rides every weekend, and the app on my phone gives me all the updates. I can actually see the car as it is moving en-route with my kids. I am a super happy customer and a parent who thinks this is just the kind of support working parents REALLY need.”

“The CareDrivers have been absolutely wonderful — they’ve been a godsend for me. I can rest comfortably knowing that despite being at work, my daughter is able to be in after-school programs, and she is assured a safe and dependable ride home.”

“I am so thankful for HopSkipDrive! My life has gotten so busy since I started school. When my son has an appointment, I know I can count on the CareDrivers to be there on time and make sure he gets in the house. What’s even better is that HE’S comfortable using HopSkipDrive. It’s like a friend is picking him up.”

“HopSkipDrive is always on time, the CareDrivers are very friendly, and I feel it’s much safer than Uber.”

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