Before HopSkipDrive:
Challenges supporting McKinney-Vento and IEP ridership

Pleasanton was contracting with a local taxi company to fulfill the transportation needs of students with IEPs and students experiencing homelessness. However, communication and last-minute scheduling changes were challenging, and with students in all corners of the district, it was difficult to service every student reliably.

Why HopSkipDrive

Pleasanton was looking for a flexible and dependable transportation solution to meet individualized student needs. The district was impressed with:

  • HopSkipDrive’s user-friendly RideIQ platform, which makes it quick and easy for staff to schedule rides and make last-minute changes when necessary
  • HopSkipDrive’s caregiver app, which takes some of the burden off of school staff by giving parents and caregivers the ability to schedule and cancel rides themselves
  • HopSkipDrive’s network of highly vetted CareDrivers, whose required caregiving experience makes them well versed in working with vulnerable populations
  • HopSkipDrive’s dedication to being a responsive and proactive partner that strives to get things right

The ability to schedule and change rides online with HopSkipDrive really streamlined the process. The app also allows parents/caregivers to schedule and change rides.

Elise Greenaway
School Social Worker

Mask Group 16

We’ve had a very positive experience working with HopSkipDrive.
Any time there has been a challenge, the company has been very responsive with figuring out a solution. CareDrivers go above and beyond to be flexible for the needs of our most vulnerable students.

Elise Greenaway School Social Worker
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How HopSkipDrive Helped

Since partnering with HopSkipDrive, Pleasanton has seen a drastic improvement in attendance rates for the district’s most vulnerable students, including youth who are experiencing homelessness and students with IEPs.

Pleasanton students themselves have reported an appreciation for the consistency that HopSkipDrive rides are able to offer. Given the instability many of these students face in their lives, it’s helpful for them to know they can depend on a ride each morning, and that they will be able to get home after school each day reliably.

HopSkipDrive’s Impact:
5X more PUSD students riding with HopSkipDrive

Since Pleasanton began using HopSkipDrive to arrange rides for students experiencing homelessness and students with IEPs, the partnership has proved so successful that the number of students riding with HopSkipDrive has grown 5X.

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HopSkipDrive has helped Pleasanton ensure reliable and equitable access to school — one of the only consistently safe places students experiencing homelessness can depend on. For this student population, school is a place where they can get the support and services they need to stay on track academically.

Conclusion: HopSkipDrive is a flexible, user-friendly school transportation solution that meets the needs of all students