Equitable Access to Transportation Advisory Council Report: “Transportation as an Opportunity Lifeline”

Transportation is a lifeline to opportunity in the United States, but not all students have the safe, equitable access they deserve. This inequity is systemic — the result of compounding factors, some of which have been in existence for decades and some of which have been exacerbated in recent years.

In recognition of this important issue, 10 highly qualified experts from various organizations devoted to transportation, child welfare, road safety, community planning, education, and technology have come together to form the first-ever Equitable Access to Transportation Advisory Council (EATAC). 

In its first report, “Transportation as an Opportunity Lifeline: Examining the Interconnected Forces Impacting Equitable Access to Transportation for Youth,” EATAC outlines the elements that prevent equitable access to transportation for children in the United States. With this initial report, EATAC hopes to broaden the conversation to provide a full picture of the forces that impact access to transportation for youth and inspire action to find policies and solutions that empower communities, schools, policymakers, and child advocates.

View or download the report below.

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