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Access all the tools to solve your unique transportation challenges in HopSkipDrive RideIQ.

Easily create and edit rides, get end-to-end ride visibility, and ensure your students get where they need to go, safely and cost-effectively.

Create opportunity for all students through mobility with HopSkipDrive RideIQ.


HopSkipDrive RideIQ


Personalized Transportation Solutions

Personalized Transportation Solutions

From McKinney-Vento transportation to career development opportunities to IEP transportation, some of your students need individualized rides.

HopSkipDrive makes it easy to arrange transportation.

Create, edit and cancel rides in minutes. With a dynamic network of CareDrivers, each with required caregiving experience, education rides are always guaranteed.

Build out rides with only eight hours notice, crucial for highly mobile populations. On-demand rides for urgent needs are also available.

  • Federal mandates:
    • McKinney-Vento and ESSA
    • IEPs
  • Individualized curriculum:
    • Electives not on location
  • Internships
  • Learning labs
  • Honors or AP classes not on location
  • College and career readiness
  • School of Choice
  • Emotional social wellbeing
  • Students who need to go home sick
  • Honors or AP classes not offered at home school
  • Project-based learning
Small Group Transportation Solutions

Small Group Transportation Solutions

Sometimes a school bus isn’t the most efficient and cost-effective form of transportation for small groups. That’s where HopSkipDrive can supplement traditional school transportation.

If a bus has 12 students or less on it, HopSkipDrive can be a more cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative. And, given driver shortages, you can also replace underutilized routes with HopSkipDrive rides.

Arrange alternative school transportation for small groups, whether it's a few children attending a magnet program, students in attending their school of choice, or a smaller sports team.

The HopSkipDrive network of CareDrivers will be there — education rides are always guaranteed.

  • Magnet programs
  • School of Choice
  • Small sports team
  • Career development opportunities
  • Continuing technical education
  • Honors or AP classes not on location
School Bus Driver Shortage Solutions

School Bus Driver Shortage Solutions

School bus driver shortages are a national crisis — and they're incredibly difficult to navigate. HopSkipDrive can help alleviate the resulting transportation challenges you come up against daily.

From supplementing bus driver shortages to managing bus overflow, HopSkipDrive’s innovative technology will ensure you get all students where they need to go in the most cost-effective way. We do this with the utmost attention to safety and unparalleled visibility into rides, for you and parents or caregivers.

We help solve your transportation challenges with rides that are always guaranteed.

  • Help with bus driver shortages
  • Manage changes in walk boundaries
  • Manage overflow when too many children show up at the bus stop
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Transportation Plan Optimization

Transportation Plan Optimization Solutions

HopSkipDrive’s combination of smart technology and our team’s operational expertise will help optimize your transportation plans.

Replace underutilized routes with HopSkipDrive rides, alleviate bus driver shortages by assigning drivers to busier routes, and manage bus overflow in HopSkipDrive RideIQ.

Our network of CareDrivers and Safe Ride Support system provide end-to-end ride visibility, prioritize safety and guarantee education rides.

  • Replace underutilized bus routes to alleviate bus driver shortages
  • Replace and repurchase fewer buses and other fleet vehicles
  • Accelerate electrification while reducing overall investment
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A technology-powered transportation solution

HopSkipDrive is the safe, flexible solution

HopSkipDrive is the safe, flexible solution to help your students get where they need to go.

The HopSkipDrive Safe Ride Support Platform is our combination of people and technology that provides the safest ride experience. This includes incident prediction, real-time monitoring and alerting, automated issue resolution, collision-detection, driving behavior feedback loops, and much more.

Get end-to-end ride visibility

End-to-end ride visibility

Whether through SMS, our mobile app or HopSkipDrive RideIQ, you’ll ensure parents, riders, social workers, and school staff have the visibility and control they need.

Driven by caregivers on wheels

Driven by caregivers on wheels

The HopSkipDrive CareDriver Network is the largest and safest community of caregivers on wheels. CareDrivers are required to have five years of caregiving experience — which is critical for vulnerable populations — and go through multiple background checks, including CANs*.

Education rides are always guaranteed

Dynamic driver supply means that students will never be without a ride, and you’ll never pay for unfilled rides.

Our technology makes it easy to build routes with just eight hours notice, a crucial distinction for meeting the needs of highly mobile populations.

We also offer on-demand rides for urgent needs.

Education rides are always guaranteed


We go above and beyond to set the bar for safe youth transportation solutions.
Learn more about safety at HopSkipDrive.

HopSkipDrive has fulfilled every ride we’ve ever requested, and our Client Success Rep is always reachable and super-responsive. Couple that level of service with the stability that HopSkipDrive gives back to youth in foster care and the result is something truly special. – Kala S. Arapahoe County Department of Human Services
HopSkipDrive has been a tremendous resource, helping to get our students to off-campus activities and games as well as to school. The drivers have been 100% reliable, and I feel so safe having my students ride with them. They’ve been a lifesaver! – Sarah H. Director of Student Life & Campus Operations
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