Drive in Boulder as a CareDriver for HopSkipDrive

If the opportunity to earn a competitive wage and set your own schedule while doing meaningful work in your community sounds appealing to you, you may want to consider driving in Boulder as a HopSkipDrive CareDriver.
HopSkipDrive is a technology solution that helps to arrange safe, reliable transportation for children (ages six and up) and other vulnerable populations like senior citizens or students experiencing homelessness, in foster care or with special needs. 
CareDrivers play an essential part in our mission to create opportunity for all through mobility. HopSkipDrive currently operates in 16 major markets in nine states (including Colorado), contracting with 300-plus schools, school districts and government agencies. To date, HopSkipDrive CareDrivers have driven more than 20 million miles and safely delivered 1.4 million riders to over 6,000 schools.
Because our platform serves families, county agencies and schools, becoming a CareDriver requires a specific set of qualifications. Most importantly, every CareDriver must have at least five years of caregiving experience, and also must pass several multi-agency background checks (including fingerprinting) as part of our in-depth, 15-point CareDriver certification process. 
CareDrivers in Boulder also need to be at least 23 years old, own (or have access to) a four-door vehicle that is less than 13 years old and have a clean driving record.
HopSkipDrive is relentless about safety, and we go above and beyond in our commitment to not only meeting but exceeding industry safety standards. Ensuring the safety of every ride is our priority, and CareDrivers everywhere — including those driving in Boulder — benefit from our Safe Ride Support system and team, our COVID-Safe Ride Standards and our dedication to ongoing innovation.
The work we do at HopSkipDrive helps to ensure the well-being of kids everywhere by enabling equal access to education and other beneficial activities that lead to lifetime success. Right now, school districts everywhere are grappling with bus driver shortages, leaving more and more students — including many in the Boulder area — in need of help getting to and from school, appointments and extracurricular activities. 
Being a CareDriver is a unique opportunity that could enable you to enjoy a flexible schedule, earn money in your spare time and positively impact the lives of families and students in your community by doing something you may already be doing: driving in Boulder.
Get on the road with HopSkipDrive by applying to become a CareDriver today.

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