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Driving with HopSkipDrive: A safe gig economy option

CareDriver-1While the gig economy has grown tremendously in recent years, certain gig opportunities present safety issues, particularly for women. Since most HopSkipDrive rides occur during the day, HopSkipDrive provides a solution for individuals in need of a safe gig economy option. 

Concerns over sexual harassment and personal safety are common for women who drive for ride-hailing services. Peak demand is often during the least safe hours at night, and rides can often involve less-than-ideal situations, such as driving people home from bars. 

Safety is our number-one priority at HopSkipDrive. Our safety-driven technology and processes are designed with the well-being of everyone who uses the HopSkipDrive platform in mind. Read on to learn more about why HopSkipDrive is one of the best — and safest — gig economy options for those who are looking to earn money by driving.

What is HopSkipDrive?

Founded in 2014 by three working moms who were trying to get their busy kids to and from school and activities, HopSkipDrive is the leading safe youth transportation solution for schools and families. We are a transportation network company (TNC) that connects drivers who use the HopSkipDrive platform — who are called CareDrivers — with schools, parents and families who are looking for a safe way to get their students, children (ages 6+) and family members where they need to go. 

Pursuing our mission of “creating opportunity for all through mobility,” we work with schools, school districts, government agencies, organizations and families to help children (and anyone else who may need a little extra care when being transported, including senior citizens) reach their full potential. 

When we talk about creating opportunity for “everyone,” we are also referring to the CareDrivers who use our app. HopSkipDrive is an empowering platform for those who are seeking to combine flexible income with meaningful work in their community.

The CareDriver experience

Being a HopSkipDrive CareDriver is a unique experience that comes with many benefits. Because we arrange transportation for vulnerable populations — including youth in foster care, students with IEPs, children with special needs and kids experiencing homelessness — the qualifications for becoming a CareDriver are different and more detailed than they are for drivers on other ride sharing platforms.

CareDrivers are independent caregiving professionals. Which is why the first and most important CareDriver requirement is at least five years of caregiving experience. Our in-depth, 15-point CareDriver certification process ensures that anyone who is interested in being a CareDriver passes the necessary background checks and is qualified to claim rides before they are allowed access to the platform.

How is being a CareDriver different from other gig economy driving opportunities?

As far as safe gig economy jobs go, HopSkipDrive is a far more attractive option for parents, empty-nesters, recent retirees and others who prefer the safety features — and advance scheduling — that HopSkipDrive provides. 

Here are some of the many things you can expect if and when you become a certified HopSkipDrive CareDriver.

You'll know safety is always top of mind

All of the technology and processes related to the HopSkipDrive platform are specifically designed to keep Riders and CareDrivers safe.

From sophisticated technology that tracks every ride, to the always-on Safe Ride Support System, to our unique multi-step Rider verification process, our Community Guidelines and Zero Tolerance Policies, and our annual Safety Report, we do everything we can to uphold safety as our leading company value — and to protect the children and CareDrivers who are at the heart of our mission.

A recent survey conducted with a sample of CareDrivers asked them to rate how safe they felt while driving on the HopSkipDrive platform. On average, participants rated safety on the platform as being a 9 out of 10 in comparison to other rideshare platforms.

CareDrivers also readily acknowledge how important safety is to them when it comes to the Riders they are transporting. “I love making a difference by transporting kids safely,” says one CareDriver. “Knowing I can help in this way is very fulfilling to me.”

Says a CareDriver who drives in the Los Angeles market: “Being told by one of my regular Riders that she never wants any other CareDriver but me really touched my heart because I know she feels safe with me.”

You will always feel supported

At HopSkipDrive, we have a dedicated CareDriver support team that is always here for you, whether you’re on or off the road. They’re always standing by ready to help via the HopSkipDrive app, phone or email.

As part of the CareDriver certification process, we offer a virtual orientation course that helps to ensure that CareDrivers are set up for success so both CareDrivers and Riders have safe, positive experiences on the platform.

We also make CareDriver resources and information — including guidance on topics such as trauma-informed care, maintaining appropriate boundaries and sensitivity towards individuals with special needs — easily accessible to CareDrivers via the Driving with HopSkipDrive knowledgebase. This searchable online tool also includes information that is specific to HopSkipDrive rides, including what to do in an emergency or what to do if a Rider requests a different drop-off location.

Says one CareDriver: “What I love about this company is they are truly always there when you need them. All I can say is I enjoy being a CareDriver. You can count on HopSkipDrive — that’s for sure — and I recommend this company.”

A Seattle-based CareDriver agrees: “The flexibility and the supportive company are the things I like best about being a CareDriver.”

You can set your own schedule and plan ahead of time

In the HopSkipDrive CareDriver app, CareDrivers can see and claim available rides far in advance and they can also see the estimated earnings for each ride. This enables CareDrivers to choose rides that are convenient for them while taking estimated earnings into consideration at the same time.

CareDrivers also have the ability to claim an entire Ride Series, allowing them to have consistency in the rides they choose as well as the Riders they serve.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to work with this company,” says one CareDriver. “Being able to set my own schedule and being able to work with the kids in my community is just the best!”

Says another: “I like being able to schedule my rides — and being able to schedule a Ride Series. Driving can be stressful but knowing where I am going daily helps a lot.”

You can earn up to $40 an hour, plus bonuses

CareDrivers can earn more money per ride and per hour than they do with other gig economy opportunities — up to $40/hour with HopSkipDrive’s Welcome Guarantee. CareDriver earnings can be as much as twice what drivers make through other part-time driving jobs. 

The total fee you earn for a ride as a HopSkipDrive CareDriver is made up of three parts: the base fare, the per-mile rate and the per-minute rate. In addition, some rides may also be eligible for bonuses or promotions. Read more here

“Being a CareDriver sounded fun — and like a nice way to make a little extra cash,” says one CareDriver based in Phoenix, Arizona. “But I soon quit my full-time job to drive full time with HopSkipDrive!”

Says another CareDriver: “I like the good hourly earnings and flexible schedule. I also enjoy getting to know the children and providing a much needed service to my community.”

You will make a real difference in the lives of children and families

As a HopSkipDrive CareDriver, you will have the opportunity to connect to others in a deeply meaningful way. By helping families manage their transportation needs, you can make a positive impact every day by changing the lives of families, youth and children in your community for the better.

“What I love most about being a CareDriver is having the opportunity to help those who need and depend on our service,” says one CareDriver. “It gives me a sense of responsibility and a feeling that I am doing something of purpose.”

Interested in becoming a HopSkipDrive CareDriver? 

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