Enhancing the in-ride experience with safety, timeliness, and clarity

HopSkipDrive has spent the last 10 years pursuing our mission of creating opportunity for all through mobility by empowering children and families to thrive in their communities with peace of mind through reliable transportation solutions

One way we are doing so is by arranging transportation through our care-centered marketplace, which connects kids, older adults, or anyone needing extra support to a network of highly vetted caregivers on wheels, who are known as CareDrivers. As a proactive and forward-thinking tech company, HopSkipDrive is always striving to up-level services, boost efficiency, and prioritize safety not only for CareDrivers and Riders but also for all other Users of the HopSkipDrive platform. 

The new in-ride experience in our CareDriver app is our latest initiative aimed at elevating the HopSkipDrive ride experience. Let’s break down some of the latest app feature updates for CareDrivers, and explore how these improvements will bring an ever greater level of safety, timeliness, and clarity to the HopSkipDrive platform — ensuring a smooth and secure ride experience for all.

Effortless access to important information with redesigned screens

CareDrivers must be able to scan important information easily, and now they can. Our newly redesigned screens highlight key details prominently, streamlining information retrieval for CareDrivers so they can provide the best possible service for each Rider. “It’s much easier than the previous version,” reports Abdul, a CareDriver from Virginia. 

A few key updates include:

  • Improved, easy-to-navigate interface
  • Increased visibility of Location Notes
  • Prominent Rider Notes
  • Larger Rider profile images
  • Clear number of Riders to pick up

Streamlined ride tracking and directions with in-app navigation

Gone are the days when CareDrivers had to jump between apps during rides. Integrating Google Maps into the CareDriver app has made it easier than ever for CareDrivers toInner frame (Place screen inside this) navigate directions while we track rides in real-time. When asked what CareDrivers like about the new in-ride experience, many commented that in-app navigation is one of their favorite things. 

Here’s what this means for CareDrivers, Riders, clients, and families:

  • A streamlined navigation process for CareDrivers means they can deliver a better ride experience for Riders from beginning to end.
  • Speed limit indicators right within the CareDriver app provide another layer of safety with a visual reminder for CareDrivers of the speed at which they’re traveling.
  • Proactive alerts from the CareDriver app to HopSkipDrive’s support team allow for immediate intervention if anything unexpected happens during a ride, such as stopping for an unusually long period of time or following a different route.
  • Caregivers, parents, clients, and school districts can trust even more in their Rider’s safety.

Increased Rider safety with an enhanced “Must Be Met” process

To encourage a safe, stress-free experience, the HopSkipDrive platform allows forConfirmation Checkpoint information to be added to a Rider’s profile that indicates they must be met by a responsible adult at drop-off. We’ve made a few changes to our platform to make sure this important messaging is clearly presented and viewed by CareDrivers when they are driving a Rider who has a Must Be Met safety requirement on their account. 

  • When driving with a Rider who must be met, CareDrivers will see a pop-up message offering a reminder that a responsible adult must meet the Rider at the drop-off location.
  • If a CareDriver can’t locate a responsible adult for the Rider, they can immediately connect with our Safe Ride Support team through the CareDriver app to get help locating a responsible adult and to be advised on next steps to follow.

Improved visibility of notes and instructionsTimely Rider Notes-1

Increased visibility of notes and instructions throughout the ride — and at moments that matter — helps ensure CareDrivers are in the right spot for picking up and dropping off Riders. Easy-to-access ride instructions in the app during a ride means CareDrivers can navigate confidently to their destination. The addition of Location Notes to the top of the screen allows CareDrivers to focus on and prepare for a ride before they even start using in-app navigation.

Minimization of ride delays with improved messaging on timing

Arriving on time is a crucial aspect of HopSkipDrive’s mission to ensure children have access to safe, reliable transportation solutions. A delayed pickup or drop-off can leaveMessaging about Timing Riders and their families feeling anxious or disrupted. It can also have a trickle-down effect on other rides by putting a CareDriver behind schedule.

We’ve made multiple improvements to the CareDriver app to minimize ride delays through improved messaging, including:

  • Clear reminders. Our platform now sends early reminders to CareDrivers about when they need to check in for rides, reducing the likelihood of late check-ins.
  • Transparent expectations. Once CareDrivers check in for a ride, the app tells them when they should leave to help ensure they arrive on time.
  • Running late reminders. CareDrivers will now receive alerts when they’re running late for their next ride.
  • Drop-off notifications. Reminders about the scheduled drop-off time helps to ensure CareDrivers are aware of, and are following, specific pickup or drop-off times for Riders.

One CareDriver from Orange County, California, said about the new in-app messaging on timing: “I love the suggested leave time in the app so I know when to leave for a ride.” 

A clear, concise process when CareDrivers can't locate a Rider

Maintaining the safety and reliability that Riders, families, and clients using our platform expect and deserve is essential to HopSkipDrive. To that end, proper confirmation of Rider no-shows helps to ensure that CareDrivers and Riders will connect in the right place at the right time, so the ride can be safely completed as expected.

CareDrivers will now see clear, actionable steps to take if a Rider isn’t at the pickup location at the designated time. CareDrivers will follow these steps — including reviewing all notes and instructions and waiting the allotted time — before marking a Rider as a no-show. 

In addition, if a CareDriver arrives at the pickup location and is told a Rider won’t be riding, there are now clear steps for them to follow, outlining the information they need to collect. This includes the name of the adult who indicated the Rider won’t be completing the ride, as well as that person’s role. Gathering this information at the time of pickup eliminates confusion for clients; and now clients will be able to reach out to HopSkipDrive’s support team to find out who told the CareDriver that the Rider would not be riding.

As we continue to pursue our mission, HopSkipDrive — and its safety-driven products, policies, and practices — will continue to evolve. These recent CareDriver app updates are just one example of our ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement for the Riders, caregivers, school districts, and organizations that rely on our services.

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