safe student transportation

Learn about the ways we offer extra consideration and care to ensure the unique needs of students with IEPs, or anyone who needs a little extra care, are met.

HopSkipDrive's Safety Advisory Board is comprised of a team of industry leaders and experts in the youth transportation space.

Learn about some of the many reasons why school districts choose HopSkipDrive, from exceptional safety data to real-time ride tracking.

Chronic absenteeism is a leading indicator that a student will drop out. Alternative student transportation solutions like HopSkipDrive can help.

Read about how HopSkipDrive has helped SIATech South Bay Charter School students stay in school and on track with their personal and academic goals.

HopSkipDrive understands just how important consistency is for children, which is why we've created a consistent ride experience for all.

Learn what to ask about transparency when selecting an alternative school transportation provider, and explore examples of how HopSkipDrive leads the pack.

Learn about the impact and dangers of distracted driving, and review some safe driving tips that can help you — and everyone else — stay safe on the road.

Student mentorship programs can help students stay on track in the classroom while providing vital social and emotional support.

Help students in foster care start the day off on the right foot with a positive ride experience by following these five foster care transportation tips.