What's new in RideIQ: Enabling faster access to your data with in-app reporting

For routing specialists, transportation coordinators, routers and others, evaluating ride data has always been second nature when working to ensure transportation resources are fully optimized. Getting access to that consolidated data, however, can often take some time. 

Responding to the needs of our clients — and in an effort to help make RideIQ the most intuitive ride booking and management solution — we’ve launched in-app reporting! With RideIQ Reports, you can get faster, easier access to your data so you can dig in and get answers to your questions more quickly. 

With RideIQ Reports, we’re empowering you to explore your data in RideIQ for increased performance. Multiple filters, including Rider Category, tags, ride statuses and more, allow you to group the data based on your needs. You can use Reports to answer questions such as:

• Did we have any credits applied to our account this month? 
• How many billed cancels have we had this month? 
• What was the total mileage driven in a period of time?
• How much was spent on rides so far this month? 

And this is just the beginning! We know there are many more questions you have, and we want to help you get actionable insights into your transportation operations with us. 

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