Busy families across the country use HopSkipDrive to get their children to school, camp and activities. Parents love our dependability, ease of use and safety features.

HopSkipDrive makes the safety and health of our community our #1 priority, from our CareDriver certification process to full visibility throughout the entire ride.

As the meaning of safety evolves during this pandemic, we’ve evolved our procedures, creating comprehensive, stringent COVID-Safe Ride Standards.

Using CDC guidelines, local regulations and the advice of health experts, our COVID-Safe Ride Standards utilize our proprietary technology and operational expertise to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Safety Car

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Promoting the Safest In-Ride Environment
for CareDrivers and Riders


Consistent with CDC Recommendations, CareDrivers must wear face coverings and proper personal protective equipment during rides; Riders are also asked to follow CDC and local guidelines on wearing personal protective equipment.


Vehicles must be cleaned and disinfected between rides consistent with CDC recommendations.


Parents/caregivers are asked to follow CDC and local guidelines by keeping Riders home if they show COVID-19 symptoms. Parents or caregivers are asked to help Riders into the car if needed to minimize exposure between CareDrivers and Riders.

Health-Forward Tech and Processes
Go Above and Beyond


CareDrivers must affirm in the app each day they are driving that they are asymptomatic and have not been exposed to COVID-19 prior to offering rides through the platform.


CareDrivers must affirm in the app that they have sanitized vehicles and that the plastic divider is in place prior to each ride.


Technology enables real-time feedback from parents (and anyone else linked to your child’s account), CareDrivers, Riders and HopSkipDrive. Let us know how we’re doing.

Critical Safety Resources Provided for All Users


HopSkipDrive believes education is key to safety, and currently connects CareDrivers with safe driving resources. We will provide COVID-Safe Ride Standards resources for CareDrivers as well as all Users linked to a Rider’s account.


In-app notifications remind all HopSkipDrive Users of COVID-Safe Ride Standards and best practices.

Bringing in the Experts

Bringing in the Experts

We brought in the expert to guide our approach to COVID safety: adding myCovidMD® Founder and health outcomes authority Dr. NanaEfua Afoh-Manin MD, MPH, EMP to the HopSkipDrive Safety Advisory Board.

Parents Love Us

HopSkipDrive far exceeded my expectations. HopSkipDrive made sure my daughter arrived at school safe, happy, and on time. I would not hesitate to use HopSkipDrive again! – Kabrel Parent
HopSkipDrive has been a game-changer for me. I'm a college counselor and need something reliable and safe. HopSkipDrive has great drivers and amazing customer service. I set up the rides every weekend and the app on my phone gives me all the updates. I can actually see the car as it is moving en-route with my kids. I am a super happy customer and a parent who thinks this is just the kind of support working parents REALLY need. – Kirsten Parent
I am so thankful for HopSkipDrive! My life has gotten so busy since I had twins. When my oldest 13 year old daughter has an appointment, I know I can use HopSkipDrive to get her to where she needs to be and also get picked up. – Stephanie Parent