Personalized Transportation Solutions

Transportation Solutions

From IEP transportation requirements to McKinney-Vento transportation, some of your students need personalized rides. That’s where HopSkipDrive comes in.

With a dynamic network of CareDrivers, each with required caregiving experience, education rides are always guaranteed.

Create, edit and cancel routes in minutes. Build out routes with only eight hours notice, crucial for highly mobile populations. On-demand rides for urgent needs are also available.

  • Federal mandates:
    • McKinney-Vento and ESSA
    • IEPs
  • Individualized curriculum:
    • Electives not on location
  • Honors or AP classes not on location
  • College and career readiness
  • School of choice
  • Emotional and social well-being
  • Students who need to go home sick

HopSkipDrive helps one student in
foster care graduate with honors

Meet Georgina, a thriving 18-year-old who has attended four different high schools since her freshman year. As a foster child, she experienced nearly constant change when it came to her education, making it all the more difficult to forge meaningful connections on campus.

When a partnership between Georgina’s school district and HopSkipDrive enabled safe, reliable transportation to her school of origin, she was able to make new friends with confidence and earn her high school diploma⁠—with honors!

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Happy partners say

HopSkipDrive came to our aid when we had students considering attending community college courses but nearly did not register for the classes because they had no transportation to get to and from school. Through a grant, we have been able to support the neediest of our students who wish to attend college work the first year of an apprenticeship or need to get to Early Childhood Center practicum teaching sites in order to obtain direct experience working with our youngest learners.

HopSkipDrive is an amazing option in all cases where we would otherwise not be able to transport our students safely. They are 100% dependable!

– Sandra Steiner Westminster Public Schools
Sandra Steiner

HopSkipDrive has provided safe and reliable transportation to school for our foster youth. The transportation needs of foster youth can change frequently and HopSkipDrive has consistently helped to meet those needs in a timely manner.

Their approach to providing services is truly collaborative. They are professional, supportive and highly responsive. HopSkipDrive has been an invaluable partner in supporting the educational stability of our foster youth.

HopSkipDrive has truly made a difference in the lives of these foster kiddos. Being able to continue attending their school of origin is often the most stability they have in their lives and that would have been impossible for many of them without HopSkipDrive.

– Tina Garcia Education Specialist,
Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services
Tina Garcia