Small Group Transportation Solutions

Small Group
Transportation Solutions

Sometimes a school bus isn’t the most efficient and cost-effective form of transportation for small groups. That’s where HopSkipDrive comes in, complementing traditional school transportation with safe rides for up to four children.

Arrange alternative school transportation for small groups, whether that’s a few children in the same neighborhood attending their school of choice, students taking AP classes not on campus, or a smaller sports team.

The HopSkipDrive network of CareDrivers will be there — education rides are always guaranteed with just eight hours notice. We can also help arrange on-demand rides for urgent transportation needs.

  • Magnet programs
  • School of choice
  • Small sports team
  • Clubs or activities
  • Career development opportunities
  • Continuing technical education

HopSkipDrive removes transportation barrier for two students in a continuing technical education academy

Meet OD and Azul, two standout students who love to learn. The two high schoolers thrive in their multimedia careers academy, a vocational program at school. But many of the assignments the two receive take place off-campus, and transportation in their low-income community is a true roadblock.

When the Centinela Valley Union School District partnered with HopSkipDrive, OD and Azul unlocked safe and reliable transportation to anywhere and everywhere their studies took them, allowing them to learn without limitations or worry.

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Happy partners say

HopSkipDrive came to our aid when we had students considering attending community college courses but nearly did not register for the classes because they had no transportation to get to and from school. Through a grant, we have been able to support the neediest of our students who wish to attend college work the first year of an apprenticeship or need to get to Early Childhood Center practicum teaching sites in order to obtain direct experience working with our youngest learners.

HopSkipDrive is an amazing option in all cases where we would otherwise not be able to transport our students safely. They are 100% dependable!

– Sandra Steiner Westminster Public Schools
Sandra Steiner

HopSkipDrive has been a tremendous resource for us, helping to get our students to off-campus activities and games, as well as in carpools to school. HopSkipDrive CareDrivers have been 100% reliable, and I feel so safe having my students ride with them. They’ve been a lifesaver!

– Sarah Hamilton Westmark Schools
Sarah Hamilton