A recap of 2022 RideIQ advancements

Trip In Progress (2) (1)In the past year, the HopSkipDrive team has worked diligently to make improvements to the RideIQ experience for our clients. 

As we ease our way into a brand-new year, we’re recapping some of the top new features we launched and upgraded in 2022 to level up our school transportation software.


2022 started off strong with the launch of our new and improved web-based ride management application, RideIQ, to all HopSkipDrive clients in the first part of the year. 

Now a familiar name, RideIQ offers a new, more intuitive experience for clients as well as a stronger foundation for future enhancements. 


Now an integral part of our clients' ride management system, the Calendars feature allows for reduced steps when creating Ride Series by automatically canceling rides that occur on inputted days off. 

RideIQ calendars

Launching simultaneously with RideIQ in early 2022, the Calendars feature has shown up to a 38% time savings when creating Ride Series thanks to a decreased need for data entry.

With the Calendars feature, holidays and other scheduled days off are automatically excluded when clients add their school calendar and book rides directly through RideIQ.

Duplicating Rides

A highly requested feature, the ability to duplicate rides was rolled out in RideIQ in 2022. The Duplicate Rides feature gives HopSkipDrive clients a quick and easy way to replicate existing rides or reverse waypoints to create a return ride. 

Like the Calendars feature, Duplicating Rides enables reduced data entry for easier and more efficient ride creation.

Deactivating Riders

Based on the large volume of Riders some HopSkipDrive clients have, we launched the Deactivating Riders feature to allow for a smoother experience when creating rides or searching for Riders in RideIQ.

RideIQ Riders page

Bulk Cancellation

Snow days or other last-minute school closures can now be handled in just a few clicks in RideIQ with Bulk Cancellation.

This time-saving feature was rolled out in 2022 in anticipation of the winter season to give HopSkipDrive clients an easier way to remove rides when unforeseen schedule changes occur.

Rider Profile (redesign)

Further enhancing the RideIQ experience, we introduced a redesign of the Rider Profile in RideIQ. One of the main accomplishments of this redesign was to enable all of a Rider’s rides to be visible right from their Rider Profile page. 

This enhanced feature also includes a new and improved — and intuitive — four-step Rider creation process. 

In-App Chat

As RideIQ continues to evolve and mature even more, we want to make sure our clients and partners are well equipped to use all of the amazing features we roll out.

That’s why we extended our support methods to include chat in RideIQ. 

Daily Safety Check-1


Daily Safety Check (revision)

While not tied to the RideIQ experience, the Daily Safety Check was revised for HopSkipDrive CareDrivers in 2022 to include a vehicle check — which CareDrivers are required to complete before checking in for rides each day. 

This vehicle check adds another layer of safety to our already existing safe ride strategies



Stay tuned! We are looking at adding even more ways to support our clients — and continually enhance the user experience of our school transportation software — in 2023!

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