Using telematics for ride tracking

How HopSkipDrive uses telematics for ride trackingTransportation-related telematics seemed to be a luxury not that long ago, afforded only to school districts and organizations with larger-than-life budgets. Telematic solutions offer all involved a level of visibility on routes-in-progress — keeping everyone informed on how rides are going and offering a level of security. 

Thanks to partnerships with vendors who use this type of technology, finding a school district that utilizes a telematics solution is no longer unusual. Below, we dive into how HopSkipDrive uses telematics to ensure Riders always have the safest ride possible.

What is telematics? 

To level-set, telematics encompasses the area in which transportation is monitored and recorded using technology. This information is transmitted using on-board diagnostics (OBD) systems and/or GPS tracking capabilities.

These solutions can record driver performance details, such as speed, hard braking, harsh turns and more. Additionally, some solutions can monitor gas consumption and maintenance requirements, among other things. This data is then analyzed and used to monitor the overall performance and productivity of the vehicles and the drivers themselves. 

How does HopSkipDrive gather telematics data?

At HopSkipDrive, all telematics data is recorded through a mobile application (app) that all HopSkipDrive CareDrivers are required to use. This enables us to access all details about every ride. 

What data does HopSkipDrive collect?

The HopSkipDrive CareDriver mobile app includes an integration with a leading third-party application that records events of the six riskiest driving behaviors: device use (the most common factor in accidents on the road), speeding, hard turning, hard braking, hard acceleration and collision detection. 

How does HopSkipDrive use this data? 

This data is recorded in real-time, making it available for our Safe Ride Support (SRS) team to access as needed. Any anomalies in telematics data are reported and followed up on weekly with each HopSkipDrive CareDriver. 

CareDrivers receive information about their driving performance, along with steps they need to take for iterative improvement. This approach is key to ensuring CareDrivers are among the safest drivers on the road. You can read more about their overall performance in the HopSkipDrive annual safety report. All CareDrivers are held to high standards, which they must consistently meet in order to continue driving with us. 

In circumstances where an immediate response is needed, our SRS team is notified and steps into action following our established protocols. This ensures that Riders and CareDrivers are safe, and that all additional safety steps are followed. 

How do telematics help school districts and Riders?

At HopSkipDrive, we invest heavily in making sure we provide the safest rides, and it shows. According to safety data we captured in 2021, the average safe driving score for CareDrivers that year was 87.3 — an improvement of 1.0% from the year prior, and an increase of 2.4% from 2019. (By comparison, a 2018 Safe Driving Report published by EverQuote found that drivers nationally received an average safe driving score of 79 out of 100, with some of the “riskiest” drivers averaging around 70.) 

HopSkipDrive CareDriver safe driving scoresAdditional data reported in our 2021 Safety Report show that 0.000% of all rides scheduled through the HopSkipDrive platform in 2021 experienced a critical safety incident. In fact, there has never been a critical safety incident in the eight years HopSkipDrive has been in business.

At HopSkipDrive, we’re committed to sustaining our stellar safety record by pairing our GPS tracking and telematics data, and holding HopSkipDrive CareDrivers to strict qualifications and standards. 

With our in-app and on-the-ground safety processes, we continue to raise the bar for safe youth transportation so all rides on the HopSkipDrive platform go smoothly. By doing so, we build trust with the school districts and organizations we partner with, give parents and caregivers peace of mind, and ensure the safety and well-being of HopSkipDrive Riders and CareDrivers.

From sophisticated technology to the always-on Safe Ride Support system to our 15-point CareDriver certification process, safety drives everything we do. 


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