Company Updates

Learn how HopSkipDrive's Strategic Routing is being shaped by education and school transportation experts like Dustin Kress and Greg Dutton.

In honor of his lasting contributions to the school transportation industry, Senior Strategic Advisor Mike Martin has been named to the NAPT Hall of Fame.

School districts, government agencies, and nonprofits in St. Louis, MO, can now book safe, reliable rides for students with HopSkipDrive.

HopSkipDrive is excited to be launching in Sacramento, California, and offering solutions by using a different approach to arranging safe and reliable student transportation.

HopSkipDrive is partnering with North Kansas City Schools, KIPP KC Endeavor Academy and others to expand school transportation options in Kansas City, MO.

HopSkipDrive is launching in Nashville, Tennessee, partnering with Metro Nashville Public Schools to expand transportation options for students.

HopSkipDrive is partnering with districts and charter schools in Indianapolis, Indiana, to supplement transportation and help get kids to school safely.

Former Executive Director and CEO of the National Association for Pupil Transportation, Mike Martin, has joined HopSkipDrive as Senior Strategic Advisor.