School Bus DriverShortage Solutions

School Bus Driver
Shortage Solutions

School bus driver shortages are a national crisis, affecting 92% of districts, according to data gathered as part of our 2023 State of School Transportation Report. HopSkipDrive is here to help alleviate all the transportation challenges caused by driver shortages which you may come up against on a daily basis.

From supplementing bus driver shortages to managing bus overflow to stepping in for driver call-outs, HopSkipDrive RideIQ's innovative technology and route optimization will ensure you get all students where they need to go in the most flexible, cost-effective way.

We help solve your transportation challenges with rides that are always guaranteed. We also arrange on-demand rides for immediate needs such as bus overflow.

  • Help with bus driver shortages
  • Manage changes in walk boundaries
  • Manage overflow when too many children show up at the bus stop
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Happy partners say

The transportation team at Spokane Public Schools is excited to have a flexible and innovative transportation solution for individual students that will support their unique educational needs.

We love that HopSkipDrive utilizes technology to communicate simultaneously with families and with SPS Transportation so that we know exactly where students are in the ride process at all times. With HopSkipDrive, student safety is a priority! The technology provides for accurate and timely communication which we love.

– Salliejo Evers Director of Transportation, Spokane Public Schools
Salliejo Evers

Not only do they help to reduce the district’s overall transportation costs, but offering this service to students with specialized transportation needs will help to shorten commute times – meaning less time in transit and more time learning.

– Leigh Cook Keller Independent School District
Leigh Cook

HopSkipDrive is an amazing option in all cases where we would otherwise not be able to transport our students safely. They are 100% dependable!

– Sandra Steiner Westminster Public Schools
Sandra Steiner