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5 ways HopSkipDrive promotes transparency and enhances safety

How HopSkipDrive enhances safetyAt HopSkipDrive, safety makes all the difference. There are many features of HopSkipDrive's RideIQ platform that offer safety and transparency for users. Another powerhouse for safety actually comes from the CareDriver app, which promotes safety for both CareDrivers and Riders. 

Below, we highlight some of the top features that enhance safety during a HopSkipDrive ride. 

#1. 15-point CareDriver certification

When the founders of HopSkipDrive started the company, they asked themselves: “What would it take for me to put my child in a HopSkipDrive ride?” That question is one we still ask ourselves every day as we look to enhance our products. 

This means that we not only work to ensure we meet all legal and regulatory requirements, such as background and driving record checks, but we also look to utilize technology and expertise to further enhance safety.

We do this by focusing on the heightened safety standards we know parents and caregivers need to feel comfortable putting their children in a HopSkipDrive ride. That's why our in-depth CareDriver certification process includes a required 5 years of prior caregiving experience. 

CareDriver daily safety check#2. Daily safety check 

Every day a CareDriver chooses to drive with HopSkipDrive, they complete a daily safety check. This safety protocol includes a daily health check to confirm the CareDriver is free from COVID symptoms, along with a daily vehicle inspection check to confirm the vehicle is in proper working order.

By following this process, the CareDriver is affirming that both they and their vehicle are safe to drive for the day. 

#3. Multi-factor authentication

Every time a Rider is picked up, the CareDriver and the Rider or parent/caregiver (or responsible adult) follow established pickup procedures. These procedures include the Rider or caregiver and the CareDriver exchanging information to ensure the CareDriver is with the right Rider. 

CareDriver waybillTo further enhance safety, the caregiver can view the CareDriver’s photo and vehicle prior to pickup. Depending on if they are a HopSkipDrive client or a parent/caregiver for a Rider, they can view this information in RideIQ or via the HopSkipDrive caregiver app. 

As another layer of validation for clients who want to confirm a driver picking up a Rider is a certified HopSkipDrive CareDriver, all CareDrivers have access to a waybill that can serve as a digital badge that can be shown at pickup. This digital badge showcases relevant information about the CareDriver and details about the ride that is currently in progress. 

#4. Weekly CareDriver scorecards

If you’ve read our Safety Report, you know that we believe that improvement in safety can only come if there is complete transparency into safety data. 

Every week, CareDrivers receive a weekly scorecard via email that gives them transparency into their driving patterns as detected by third-party telematics technology. This email is delivered to them with links to information on how to make sure every ride they choose to claim is as safe as possible. 

CareDrivers want to make a difference#5. CareDrivers 

While HopSkipDrive focuses on how technology can enable safer transportation, a network of experienced care professionals — CareDrivers — delivers on the rides. Many CareDrivers choose to drive with HopSkipDrive because they want to make a difference and be involved in their community.

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