Mobility Barriers and the Illusion of School Choice

Emily’s parents wanted to keep Emily at our school, but they had no reliable way to get her there. The commute was only a few miles further than the one from their old apartment, but they didn’t own a car, and would have had to spend three hours on five public buses each day to pull it off. They worked four jobs between them and simply didn’t have time. They settled, because they didn’t have a choice.

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Safety Spotlight: Meet our Safe Ride Support Team

Close your eyes and imagine commercial air travel without air traffic controllers. Would it make you feel more safe or less safe to know that human experience and judgment had been removed from the equation that keeps planes separated from each other in the air and on the ground? Safe Ride Support is HopSkipDrive’s “ground traffic control.”

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CareDriver of the Month: Lisa S.

I love meeting and connecting with people everywhere I go! Over the past year that I have been a CD in Denver, I have enjoyed getting to know the other CD's, riders and sometimes even meeting the parents or organizers. Everyone that I have encountered has been extremely appreciative of my time and the service.

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