MultiDads Are MVPs

While we made a MultiMom video, the truth is there are lots of dads out there who are multitasking miracle workers, too.

Lots of you are busy scheduling baseball or ballet, making sure homework is complete, permission slips are signed, and dinner is on the table on time. And plenty of you MultiDads use HopSkipDrive to help get your busy family where it needs to go safely and reliably.

Here are just a few fabulous MultiDads we know:

Victor E. has used HopSkipDrive to get his kids to school and home, and he estimates HopSkipDrive saves him 1 ½-hours per day because it means he doesn’t have to fight traffic in their West Los Angeles neighborhood.

“This busy dad can start dinner and have it ready when the kids get home (when they’re always starving),” Victor says. “As the owner of two businesses, I’m managing a lot of people and clients, and HopSkipDrive frees me up to finish the day strong and not shut down early.”

Aaron P. is the father of triplets, and he has used HopSkipDrive for his kids’ after-school transportation. “I’m confident about safety, and I think the price is fair,” Aaron says. “It allows my wife and I to each work full-timejobs and enables us to focus on family and career goals simultaneously.”

Eric K. has a busy career in the video game industry, and his daughter is a black belt in taekwondo and practices several times per week. “With HopSkipDrive, I know I can safely and comfortably get my daughter to her taekwondo classes without having to leave

work early in order to drive her myself,” Eric says. “I can stay at the office and get things done, knowing my daughter is OK.”

To celebrate all MultiMoms and MultiDads, we’re offering you the chance to win a month of free HopSkipDrive rides*, a One Potato three-night meal box to make dinner easy, or three free doctor housecalls from Heal** with our #MultiMom Sweepstakes!

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Are You a MultiMom? Watch, Share and Enter to Win!

For most moms, multitasking is a way of life: Need to help a child with a science project while cooking dinner and booking summer camp? No problem.

But even the best multitasking moms sometimes feel like they need to clone themselves to get everything done — what do you do when one kid has a soccer playoff game across town, the other has theater rehearsal, and you have a late meeting?

The choices can feel bleak: ask another mom for a favor (again), miss work, or hope that someone invents cloning technology very soon.

We fantasized about that cloning technology, but then got real. And that’s where HopSkipDrive came in. HopSkipDrive takes kids (ages 6 and up) wherever they need to go with fully background-checked and experienced caregivers. Our goal was to help you get your busy kids to school and to all their activities safely and dependably, freeing you up to do everything else you need to do to keep your family functioning.

Whether you’re one of those rockstar parents that can pull off miracles to make everything happen — from homework to ballet performances, basketball practice, piano lessons and everything else (like work!) in between — or, if you’re like the rest of us and struggling to hold it together, we’re celebrating you!

You are the MultiMoms (and dads) who are out there getting it done. And while we can’t replicate you to make life a little less stressful, we can give you the chance to win some clutch parenting resources — Enter for a chance to win one of three prizes: a month of free HopSkipDrive rides, a One Potato three-night meal box, or three free doctor housecalls from Heal*!

It’s easy to enter the #MultiMom Sweepstakes. All you have to do is share our MultiMom video on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #MultiMom. Be sure to set the "Who should see this?" on your post to Public so we can see it.

Multitasking Parents Unite!


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*Must live in areas served to win. Up to $500 worth of HopSkipDrive rides and must be used within a 30-day period, New Heal customers only Sweepstakes ends Feb 27, 2017  | See Official Rules for Details


Parenting Help That Preserves Precious Family Time

With two busy careers that keep their work days full, Tammy McDaniel and Bob Ives were happy to discover that HopSkipDrive could get their kids where they need to go safely and reliably.

McDaniel says she loves being able to follow the ride on the app, and she especially appreciates the way safety is built into every step. “The main reason I use HopSkipDrive is because of the background check on all drivers,” McDaniel says.

And here’s another benefit she didn’t expect: extra family time.

“When we use HopSkipDrive, I’m not dropping one kid off — and then my husband going out and getting the other one — and then everyone getting home a little later than normal,” McDaniel says. “If both kids are home when we get home, we have dinner at a normal time, and we all get to spend some time together before homework and showers and bed.”

McDaniel estimates they get about two more hours of family time in any given day by using HopSkipDrive.

McDaniel and Ives use HopSkipDrive to get their daughter, Isabella (age 15), to friends’ houses, to the mall in the summertime, and even to orthodontist and haircut appointments. During her rides, Isabella enjoys chatting with her favorite CareDrivers about her activities.

Jason (age 11) has taken HopSkipDrive to get to soccer and other activities. “Some of the CareDrivers play music I listen to and sing along, and it makes the ride fun,” Jason says.

Kids come home happy, parents are less stressed: we call that a win-win for the family.



Save On HopSkipDrive Rides With Your FSA

Raising kids is expensive. And as parents, we’re always looking for ways to make the most of our budgets.

Here’s a great savings tip: your HopSkipDrive rides may qualify as an eligible expense for your dependent care flexible spending account (FSA).

A dependent care FSA, offered by many companies as an employee benefit, allows parents to use pretax dollars to pay for some of the costs of child care. Using a dependent care FSA to pay for HopSkipDrive’s ride service may mean a savings of up to 30%, depending on your tax rate.

HopSkipDrive’s ride service may qualify as an eligible expense for dependent care FSAs because HopSkipDrive CareDrivers are experienced caregivers who provide child care while they’re providing transportation for your child.

Make sure to consult your FSA administrator to see if your HopSkipDrive rides qualify as an eligible expense under your plan.

Read more about how HopSkipDrive rides may qualify as an eligible expense for your FSA in this Kiplinger article.

How To Book Your Carpool With HopSkipDrive

Parent-driven carpools can be stressful — from coordinating who can drive when, to the risk of last minute cancellations. Now there’s an easier way: HopSkipDrive can do carpool for you!

By scheduling your carpool with HopSkipDrive, you can invite friends to ride along with just a few clicks. It’s great for groups that need to get to school, sports, activities or anywhere at all safely and dependably.

And here’s some even better news: by booking a HopSkipDrive carpool, you’ll also save big —  discounts start at almost 40% and increase with each family added to the carpool.

It’s so easy to set up a carpool on the HopSkipDrive app. We’ve created this handy how-to video here, so you can learn more:

Happy carpooling!

Helping make life easier for all busy families this holiday season

At HopSkipDrive it’s our mission to help make life easier for busy families — all busy families. That’s why we were pleased to donate rides for Alexandria House residents on a special outing to children’s play space Pamper & Play earlier this month in Los Angeles.

Alexandria House is a transitional residence for single women and their children in the process of moving from emergency shelter to permanent housing. The organization provides a home and supportive community for approximately 24 women and children in central Los Angeles.

“We knew Alexandria House because we’ve volunteered for this nonprofit through our own families’ schools and religious organizations,” said HopSkipDrive Co-founder Carolyn Yashari Becher. “So we were delighted to donate these rides and support these moms as a great reminder that we are part of a larger community.”

While their kids were under the care of CPR-certified play supervisors at Pamper & Play, Alexandria House residents were treated to salon treatments by Frances Diaz from nearby Ladurée hair salon.

About 20 residents from Alexandria House participated in the event.

“They took care of us and it was a great event. The moms were all raving about it,” said Barbara White, Alexandria House Development Associate. “The drivers were so wonderful. They were friendly helpful and patient. They were right on time, very efficient and very sweet and kind.”

Along with the rides donated for the event, HopSkipDrive employees also donated approximately 50 boxes of feminine products and assorted toiletries to Alexandria House and 46 pounds of food to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

Set it and forget it with repeating rides


Scheduling kids’ activities sometimes feels like a full-time job! As busy parents, we’re always looking for ways to simplify all the planning.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that you can now book repeating rides right from the HopSkipDrive website, iOS app and Android app.

Need to get your child from school to tennis lessons at the same time every Wednesday? No problem — with a few simple clicks you can create weeks, months, or even a semester of repeating rides.

Here’s what to do:
• Login and click to book a ride
• Click on “Do you want this ride to repeat?”
• Select the weekday of the repeating ride and the date it should end

The HopSkipDrive website is chock-full of features that make it easy for you to schedule and manage your rides: you can view your upcoming and completed rides, review CareDriver information when your ride is matched, cancel or edit rides and manage your location information. And new features are being added every day!

It really is so easy to book your rides on the HopSkipDrive website or app.  Now if it were just that simple to get them all signed up for everything...

Recent Press

HopSkipDrive has been in the news lately for helping families find some balance amidst all the busy. See what the media has had to say:


A team giving you real-time peace of mind

When a child steps into a HopSkipDrive car, the first person he or she meets is the CareDriver — an experienced caregiver who has been fingerprinted and gone through a highly selective 15-point certification process. But before the CareDriver and rider even hit the road, an entire team has also “hopped on” that ride, monitoring it virtually from HopSkipDrive headquarters in Los Angeles.

Meet the HopSkipDrive Support team. This unique group of professionals is here to help make sure every kid is transported safely and securely during every ride.

Why have a team monitoring rides? “It’s part of HopSkipDrive’s larger commitment to safety. As moms with kids in these cars, too, we wanted all the safety measures in place to give parents the kind of peace of mind they deserve,” says CEO and Co-founder Joanna McFarland.

This team of experienced customer service professionals can be found on a big pod of computers at HopSkipDrive HQ, huddling in front of screens, monitoring rides and communicating with parents and drivers to make sure riders get where they need to go safely and efficiently. Think of it as kid traffic control.

Using  custom technology to track rides and communicate with parents and drivers, the team assists in locating addresses, shares additional instructions about pick-ups and drop-offs, and supports the ride in any way that might be needed. It’s no wonder parents appreciate the personal touch the team provides. One parent told a Support agent he was “worth his weight in gold” for providing additional information to a driver regarding a ride that day.  And that’s just a small fraction of the appreciation parents and CareDrivers have for these behind-the-scenes heroes. It’s hard to put a value on having a pro team monitoring every ride from start to finish

One family's HopSkipDrive story

Kid’s gotta dance? The Mosley family knows the feeling.

Carly, age 12, has been a serious dancer for more than five years. She does jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop and ballet, and her teams have won numerous awards.

Getting to daily rehearsals at The Rage in Granada Hills was no problem when the family lived closer to the studio. But when they moved nearly 20 miles away two years ago, the trek became  a challenge.

Carly’s mom, Jennifer, tried enrolling Carly in a local studio near the family’s new home, but things just weren’t the same.

“She missed her friends, teachers and her studio terribly,” Jennifer said, “but I work in Glendale, and I couldn’t leave work early every day to go pick her up and drive her to dance.”

Then she found HopSkipDrive. Jennifer loved the idea of having fingerprinted, background checked and experienced caregivers driving Carly to and from her dance classes.“            

I came upon HopSkipDrive and it literally saved us,” Jennifer said. “Carly was able to go back to the studio she loves, and I don’t have to leave work early to pick her up.”                                                     

Carly takes HopSkipDrive to dance rehearsal several times a week these days. Her younger brother, Jacob (age 10), often rides along so he can get to his jiu-jitsu class nearby.

“I get to have peace of mind knowing they’ll get to their destinations on time and safely,” Jennifer said.

For this dancing family, HopSkipDrive has all the right moves.

A fresh, clean backpack. The perfect first-day outfit. Everything during Back to School time feels new—the teachers, the schedule, the possibilities. Except when it comes to getting kids all the places they have to go. As parents ourselves, we’re all too familiar with the challenges that come with back to school — the early morning departures, making sure all the homework, uniforms, projects, signed permission slips, and everything they’ll need that day is in the car. It all adds a layer of stress that we were certainly glad to leave behind during the lazy days of summer. And now it’s back.

We know the struggle is real. We started HopSkipDrive to solve our own transportation challenges with 8 kids, 5 schools, and 17 extra-curricular activities between us. We knew we weren’t alone, but this back to school season we decided to find out just how big a challenge this is for other families. So we asked 1,001 parents with kids ages 6 to 17 what they thought. And, yep, our families aren’t that unique. It’s a universal struggle. Our hearts go out to everyone facing this challenge in the coming weeks. We’re right there with you!

Here is what we found out:

All the hours in the car are a challenge (and employers aren’t too happy)

  • For 20% of parents, managing their child’s transportation schedule is the worst part of going back to school.

  • Parents are spending lots of time driving their kids to school and all of their activities. In fact, 44% of parents surveyed spend more than 5 hours per week in the chauffeur seat.

  • In California, 16% of parents spend more than 10 HOURS driving their kids every week.

  • And the juggle is causing added professional stress. For 59% of parents, getting kids to their activities affects their work schedule on at least a monthly basis. For 40% it’s happening at least weekly.

  • According to 26% of parents, they have put their job at risk to meet their child’s transportation needs.

Conflicting priorities are making us more stressed out

  • Work schedules and kids’ activities are often in direct conflict. For 46% of parents, their professional demands have prevented their child from participating in extracurriculars.

  • And the burden is almost equally shared by moms and dads (hooray for broken stereotypes) — 43% of dads and 48% of moms have had to put work ahead of their kids’ interests.

Without dependable transportation, it’s even harder

  • It’s clear that getting kids where they need to go is a huge burden when 35% of parents feel that managing their child’s transportation schedule is more stressful than doing their taxes! The fact that transportation stresses span the year instead of just one month may have something to do with it.

  • Or, the intensity of the pain point may be because 29% of parents believe their current transportation is somewhat or not dependable.

  • While meant to ease the burden, parent-driven carpools often add to it for the 23% of parents that say their carpool arrangements fall through at least once a month.

Hearing from all of these parents how hard transportation is this time of year makes our mission at HopSkipDrive clearer than ever: we are the safe, dependable solution parents can count on to get their kids where they need to go when they can’t do it themselves. We’re here to help! As those school bells start ringing once again, HopSkipDrive can ease the burden and let families focus on all the excitement and newness headed their way.

Welcome back to school, everyone!


Brand Ambassador Program

At HopSkipDrive, we believe that getting kids where they need to go safely and reliably is changing lives for the better for thousands of families.

We’ve found that people who use HopSkipDrive love it, and they often want to share the joy of safe, dependable rides for children and family members who may need extra care.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our HopSkipDrive Ambassador Program, so you can get the word out and reap the rewards. The  program is a great way for enthusiasts to connect with us at HopSkipDrive HQ and to get some great perks, including:

  • A $20 reward for every customer you refer who signs up and takes a ride

  • The chance to work with our team on marketing opportunities

  • Awesome swag for hitting referral milestones

The Ambassador program is also great for school fundraising! When a representative from your parent teacher organization signs up, your school will receive a unique coupon code, good for a first ride free for your families. Every time a family signs up and takes a first ride, your school or organization will earn $20 for its fundraising efforts.

HopSkipDrive Ambassadors are important players on the HopSkipDrive team. You’ll help grow HopSkipDrive so that more families have access to safe, dependable rides. And you or your organization will earn cash and goodies in the process.

We hope you’ll join us!

Please visit our Ambassador FAQs for more information, or email the HopSkipDrive Ambassador team at


Introducing The New HopSkipDrive App

At HopSkipDrive, we’re on a mission to make life easier for busy families and to provide a safe, dependable service that brings you peace of mind. Part of that is developing an app and technology that is easy to use. We’ve been listening to you and have been working hard to develop many new features parents have been asking for. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that the new HopSkipDrive app has arrived — along with a host of new features we know you’ll love:

Better Mobile Booking
With the new app it’s easier to book right from your device. The app has a much more robust parent experience and you can take care of all your scheduling anytime and anywhere. You can still schedule rides from the website, but we think you’ll love the new app!

With a few clicks, you can invite friends to ride along. It’s great for groups that need to get to school, sports, activities or anywhere at all. You can include multiple stops so you can arrange for us to pick up two friends from camp and bring them each home with a few taps on your phone. Each family pays from their own account and it’s only $10 per ride per family for a limited time.

Multi-stop Rides
Two kids going to two different schools? No problem. You can include multiple stops on any ride.

Kid Photos (Optional)
The new HopSkipDrive app lets you upload a picture of your rider to make pick ups easier. Photos are optional, but it’s a great way to help CareDrivers locate your rider.

Rate Your Ride
Let us know about your child’s ride. Tell us if you had a great experience or if there were any issues. You can even request not to be matched to a CareDriver that wasn’t a good fit for your rider.


To make all of these features possible, we did have to change some things:

To ensure we can provide the kind of peace of mind you need when it comes to your kids, we have updated our pricing. The new pricing model is based on time and distance and makes it possible to continue providing safety features that go above and beyond other ride services, including thorough vetting of CareDrivers with background checks and fingerprinting and having staff monitor rides in real time.  

When you schedule your ride, you will always see an estimated fare, so you will know the cost in advance. There is also a fare estimator available on the website.

For customers that still had credits in their account as of July 3, 2016, those credits have been transferred to the new system and can each be used for a single ride valued up to $20. For example, if you bought a 10-ride ride package, and have already booked 3 rides, your 7 remaining ride credits are still valid for single ride use up to $20.  

And don’t forget, carpools are a great way to save! You’ll pay just $10 per family per ride for a limited time.

After each ride, you will receive a ride receipt detailing the cost and your credit card on file will be billed.

Booking Window
To accommodate carpool rides and reliably match your rides to a CareDriver, we are now requiring that you schedule your rides by 7pm the day before. You are welcome to schedule rides as far out into the future as you like — for the summer, for the season, for the school year.  


Have other questions? Check out our FAQs for additional answers or email us at

We're rolling in Orange County

When one child has baseball practice in Mission Viejo and another has an orthodontist appointment at the same time in Costa Mesa, and you can’t be in two places at once, HopSkipDrive is here to help!

Thousands of parents across greater Los Angeles have relied on HopSkipDrive to help get their kids where they need to go safely and reliably. And today, Orange County families can, too.

Your peace of mind starts with the HopSkipDrive CareDrivers, who undergo a rigorous 15-point certification process, including fingerprinting, background checks and DMV checks. HopSkipDrive CareDrivers aren’t just anyone -- they’re experienced caregivers who live right in your neighborhoods.

To celebrate our Orange County launch, we wanted to introduce you to just a few of the amazing Orange County HopSkipDrive CareDrivers:

Diana A.
Yorba Linda

My caregiving experience: I homeschool my three children, ages 6-12, and I serve in my church’s youth ministry. When I’m not on the road with HopSkipDrive I can be found: at church, Disneyland or spending time with family.


Leah F.
Costa Mesa

My caregiving experience: I’m a mommy to my four-year-old son. When I’m not on the road with HopSkipDrive I can be found: playing at the park, going to the beach and volunteering with my son’s activities. My personality is: nurturing and fun.


Leigh H.
Huntington Beach

My caregiving experience: I have five grown children and six grandchildren. I worked with special needs children in the Ocean View School District for the past seven years. When I’m not on the road with HopSkipDrive I can be found: reading, or hanging out with my grandkids learning the correct pronunciation of crazy dinosaurs that I've never heard of. What I love about driving children: I love the conversations with kids. They usually have something they love and want to tell you about it.


Valeria A.
Santa Ana

My caregiving experience: I have two sons, ages 16 and 18. When I’m not on the road with HopSkipDrive I can be found: volunteering for my sons’ basketball program and spending time with my family. What I love about driving children: I love to be around kids and help them!


Kelly S.
Aliso Viejo

My caregiving experience: I have two children, ages 8 and 11, and I’ve worked in elementary schools for 17 years. When I’m not on the road for HopSkipDrive I can be found: leading my daughter’s Girl Scouts troop, volunteering for our school’s PTA and doing photography. 


So, whether your family needs to get to volleyball in Brea, school in Lake Forest, surf camp in Dana Point, or anywhere else in Orange County, HopSkipDrive CareDrivers are ready to get them there, safely and reliably. 


6 Westside Kids’ Activities Where We’re Now Rolling

There’s no doubt about it: the Westside is an active place. And it’s not just all beaches and spinning studios (although those are great). They know how to do some serious brain stretching west of the 405, as well. Here are six Westside activities we give top marks to for keeping kids healthy (and smart) while having fun:

Broadway Gymnastics
Whether your child wants to learn a new sport, stay in shape, or become an Olympic competitor, Broadway Gymnastics’ 29,000 square foot facility has something for him or her. The club also has award-winning programs for children with special needs. 5433 Beethoven St., Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of Broadway Gymnastics

Photo courtesy of Broadway Gymnastics

Fitness By The Sea
The staff at Fitness By The Sea believes that active kids are happy kids — and this beach camp’s high-energy, good vibration spirit is contagious. Music blasts as kids run between “cabana challenges,” sports and water activities, and arts and crafts. They do come home looking like sand slugs, but that’s a small price to pay for a healthy, happy kid. 1541 Palisades Dr., Pacific Palisades

Photo courtesy of Fitness by the Sea

Photo courtesy of Fitness by the Sea

Marina Martial Arts
Both girls and boys find their true strength at Marina Martial Arts, where exceptionally kind instructors help students develop a “Yes, I can” attitude. This is the place for cutting-edge martial arts and self-defense in a safe and positive environment for all ages and experience levels. 13203 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of Marina Martial Arts

Photo courtesy of Marina Martial Arts

Super Soccer Stars
Little kickers learn soccer skills in a non-competitive, educational and positive environment at locations on the Westside and all over Southern California with Super Soccer Stars. The Stars Premier program is designed for players ages 5-9 who are ready for a higher level of instruction. 212 Artemis Place, Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of Super Soccer Stars

Photo courtesy of Super Soccer Stars

Get your STEM on at Zaniac’s newly opened center that offers after-school programs and summer camps for kids in grades K-8 in Minecraft, computer programming, Lego robotics, Zane math, chess and more. Curiosity grows here. 3201 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica

Photo courtesy of Zaniac

Photo courtesy of Zaniac

Zooga Yoga
This unique spot is dedicated to kids and families. Zooga Yoga provides a joyous environment filled with storytelling and music. Its “Kickin’ Ninjas” class (ages 6-10) is a high energy kickboxing/martial arts class, and the “Teen Yoga” class (ages 12 and up) helps teens build inner and outer strength and flexibility. 4311 Overland Ave., Culver City

Photo courtesy of Zooga Yoga

Photo courtesy of Zooga Yoga

It's Go Time!

From our earliest days, HopSkipDrive has been a mission-driven company.  It started on a small scale—wanting to solve our own families’ toughest challenges when we couldn’t be in two places at once.  It has grown, ride by ride, family by family, neighborhood by neighborhood, faster than we ever imagined.

Families across Los Angeles have shared with us what a relief HopSkipDrive has been for them — in addition to getting kids to and from school and activities, HopSkipDrive has helped save marriages (really, we’ve heard this on a few occasions), freed up time for moms to start businesses, taken riders to auditions that ended up in winning roles, and (our favorite) brought kids to the hospital to meet their new siblings. We are so proud that we are making life a bit easier for our riders, their families, and our CareDrivers. Our goal has always been to make HopSkipDrive available to more people.

More resources
We are excited to announce that we have secured the funding to do just that. With a new investment of $10.2 million, we are growing our group of investors, our team, and most importantly our opportunity to help families get their kids where they need to go safely and reliably. We are thrilled to bring our trusted ride service to millions more families in Southern California and beyond (tell your friends we’re coming!).

Ready to increase our impact
As we’ve grown, we have discovered what a real difference we can make in our communities. When LAUSD suddenly closed its schools one day in December, when the Porter Ranch gas leak led to the relocation of thousands of families and two schools, we stepped in to help on a moment’s notice. With the team and investment in place, we can positively impact even more families, in more cities.  We’ve established a leadership position. We have the resources to make it happen. And we are ready for great things in 2016!  

Thank you to our team and to the amazing HopSkipDrive CareDrivers who consistently go above and beyond. And most importantly, thank you to the thousands of HopSkipDrive families for putting your trust in us each and every day!

- Joanna, Carolyn & Janelle


Gas Leak Relocation

porter ranch kid in class picture.jpg

Free HopSkipDrive rides to and from school

With school back in session this week, Porter Ranch and other families affected by the Aliso Canyon gas leak and relocations are struggling to get back to a normal routine. A temporary home, a new school, and schedules that may not fit with busing provided are a recipe for added stress.

HopSkipDrive is here to help! If your home has been relocated and the SoCalGas reimbursement program does not cover your rides to or from school, HopSkipDrive will reimburse the cost of those rides

A Safe, Reliable, Convenient Alternative
HopSkipDrive is a ride service for kids age 7+ designed to help you get your children where they need to go safely and reliably. All HopSkipDrive CareDrivers have at least five years of care-giving experience, go through a 15-point certification process, including fingerprinting, and can even walk your child in or sign them out, as needed.

How it Works

  1. Sign up - Set up an account and purchase ride credits at Contact SoCalGas to determine your eligibility to be reimbursed by SoCalGas. If SoCalGas informs you that it will not cover your HopSkipDrive rides, please see our FAQs for information about how to get reimbursed by HopSkipDrive.

  2. Schedule rides – Set up your rides at least 8 hours in advance. Once your ride is matched to a CareDriver, you will receive a picture and profile you can show to your child.

  3. Enjoy peace of mind – Your HopSkipDrive CareDriver will get your child there safely and reliably. You will receive notifications when your child is picked up and dropped off, you can track the ride in progress through the app, and we monitor every ride in real time, as well.

As a company founded by parents, we can only imagine how stressful this situation is for you.  We hope that in some small way, we can make this difficult time a little bit easier.

Who Should I Contact? 
Feel free to contact us with any questions by emailing


Oh, The Places You’ll Go as a CareDriver with HopSkipDrive

Shannon Towler and her husband, Eric, travelled to London and Dublin with their children this winter with the help of Shannon’s earnings as a CareDriver with HopSkipDrive. (Photo courtesy of Mackenzie Towler)

Shannon Towler and her husband, Eric, travelled to London and Dublin with their children this winter with the help of Shannon’s earnings as a CareDriver with HopSkipDrive. (Photo courtesy of Mackenzie Towler)

Across Greater Los Angeles, hundreds of people with caregiving experience are earning money on their own schedules by providing rides for kids with HopSkipDrive — and for many, the economic boost has provided some fun new freedom.

Consider Shannon Towler, who was looking for a way to earn some extra money to contribute to her family’s trip to London and Dublin this winter. Shannon needed a flexible work opportunity that would fit into her already very busy schedule.

Shannon not only homeschools her children, Mackenzie (16) and Nate (11), but also serves as a teacher for a local resource center and as president and board chair of a nonprofit called Family Centered Education of Los Angeles. She’s an avid athlete (she has completed the 575-mile AIDS/LifeCycle ride from San Francisco to LA twice) and a yoga teacher. “Clearly I have a lot of different things that I'm involved in, and they don't always fit into a conventional type of part-time work,” she says.

Hiking one day with a friend, Shannon mentioned her thoughts about earning some extra money for her family’s trip. Her friend suggested checking out HopSkipDrive.

In August, Shannon became a HopSkipDrive CareDriver, and she says she has found that providing rides for kids not only fits well into her schedule but also draws on her unique skills. “What I think is so great about HopSkipDrive, as a parent, is that it actually rewards a skill set that’s often overlooked and undervalued,” she says. “With HopSkipDrive, I feel valued in my experience as a caregiver.”

Time management, for example, is a key skill one learns as a parent, but it’s not easily viewed on a resume. And yet, primary caregivers’ abilities to keep multiple balls in the air can be astounding.

When Eric, who works full-time outside the home, needs to shuttle Mackenzie and Nate around to their multiple activities, she says, he’s sometimes baffled. “When he has to take over he says, ‘I just don't know how you do this — how do you get from one thing to the other to the other to the other?’" Shannon just smiles -- “I take a lot of pride in the fact that what I'm doing now with HopSkipDrive really is acknowledging that as a true and valuable skill,” she says.

Shannon also appreciates working with children and families. On one particular ride, she drove a girl home just as the girl’s parents were returning from the hospital with their new baby. The girl rushed from the car to meet her new baby brother, and the family thanked Shannon warmly. “I felt so honored to be part of that incredibly important day for that family,” she says. “I mean, who gets to do that in their day job?”

For another ride, the HopSkipDrive Customer Support team called Shannon to ask if she could pick up a rider an hour early because the child was having an allergic reaction, and the child’s mother couldn’t leave her job at a cafe. Shannon adjusted her schedule, picked up the child and drove him to his mother’s workplace.

“I walked him into the cafe, and she was so grateful. When another mother reaches out a hand to you — a mother you don't know, but you can trust because we're so well-screened — there’s just not enough of that in the world,” Shannon says. “That was a really great thing to be able to help her. It was just really meaningful.”

HopSkipDrive has provided meaning for Shannon’s own family as well – especially in the form of the money she has earned as a CareDriver, which added a little financial cushion for her family’s December trip to London and Dublin. “We knew we had the trip coming up, and we had already planned it out, certainly, but if I didn't have this extra money, it just would have made it a lot harder for us to enjoy ourselves in the same way,” Towler said.

Mackenzie and Nate Towler enjoyed the sights in London and Dublin this winter thanks to some extra money their mom, Shannon, earned as a CareDriver with HopSkipDrive. (Photo courtesy of Shannon Towler)

Mackenzie and Nate Towler enjoyed the sights in London and Dublin this winter thanks to some extra money their mom, Shannon, earned as a CareDriver with HopSkipDrive. (Photo courtesy of Shannon Towler)

Shannon is the youngest of eight children in a family that she says identifies strongly with its Irish roots. With the Dublin stop, she would be the first of all her siblings to visit Ireland. Walking around St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin with her family was like a dream come true – especially when they bumped into U2’s Bono, who happened to be walking across the famous park that day as well (trailed by a pack of paparazzi). 

On the family’s first morning in London, they awoke in their Airbnb apartment to the soft pat of snowflakes on the windows. Shannon and Eric quickly woke Nate, who hadn’t seen snow since he was a baby. “We have video and pictures of him just gazing out the window onto the courtyard of our apartment as the snow is falling,” she says. “It was just peaceful and magical.”

Next up for the Towlers: Oslo, Amsterdam and Paris. And Shannon’s work as a CareDriver with HopSkipDrive will help get them there.