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HopSkipDrive COVID-19 Emergency Plan

September 4, 2020

Last Revised August 12, 2022

HopSkipDrive continues to set the standards for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Its dedicated team and safety advisory board began developing COVID-Safe Ride standards as soon as the pandemic hit.  As a result, HopSkipDrive had developed and began implementing its COVID-Safe Ride Standards, which incorporate CDC and local guidelines, as early as March, 2020.  Enclosed herein is additional information about these standards, which have been fully implemented as of the date of this Plan and continuously updated as CDC guidance has evolved.

Consistent with CDC and CDPH guidance, HopSkipDrive’s COVID-Safe Ride standards include:

  1. Recommendations that CareDrivers keep vehicle windows cracked to increase airflow and ventilation whenever possible, as well as recommendations to disinfect the vehicle consistent with CDC recommendations for public transport.  CareDrivers have been provided access to additional resources on how to properly disinfect vehicle surfaces, disposal of cleaning products, and reminders to consistently wash hands particularly after each cleaning.
  2. Consistent with CDC guidelines for public transport, masks are optional except in areas where they are required by local laws and regulations. We continue to encourage all HopSkipDrive users to make safe decisions for themselves and others in the car. 
  3. CareDrivers attest through the mobile application that they have not recently had contact with someone who has COVID-19, do not currently have COVID-19 to their knowledge, are not exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, and do not have a fever.
  4. In light of Riders being mostly minors, HopSkipDrive does not offer airport service.  CareDrivers do not handle backpacks or luggage for Riders, and do not offer food, beverages, or other items to Riders.
  5. In the event that applicable laws require safety measures beyond those described above, Users are required to follow the more stringent standards.
  6. All COVID-Safe Ride Standards will remain in effect as long as needed and until all applicable government orders are lifted.  

HopSkipDrive has provided tips and instructions for CareDrivers and Riders on its COVID-Safe Ride Standards detailed above, including videos, tutorials, and print media, and has sourced and connected Users with resources designed to provide important health and safety information and help stop the spread of COVID-19.  

Lastly, HopSkipDrive has both an internal team dedicated to its COVID-Safe Ride Standards, as well as a Safety Advisory board comprised of industry leaders across the health and youth transportation sectors.  This Advisory board has proven a critical resource both prior to and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  More information about HopSkipDrive’s Safety Advisory Board and COVID-Safe Ride Standards is available at https://www.hopskipdrive.com/covid-safe-ride-standards/.