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2022 State of School Transportation report-1-1

State of School Transportation 2022

HopSkipDrive surveyed a wide range of school transportation professionals to put together this comprehensive industry report. Detailing bus driver shortages, pain points, predictions for the 2021-2022 school year and more, this report is a must-read.


HopSkipDrive Misconceptions v. Reality

We're a new kind of alternative student transportation solution, and with that comes marketplace misconceptions. In this 1-pager, we clear up everything you want to know about HopSkipDrive -- from which regulations we follow to operational questions.

Alternative Transportation Solution

[Checklist] Alternative Transportation Solution Purchasing Checklist

Our Alternative Transportation Solution Purchasing Checklist has all the questions you should ask any potential vendor. We also share the ways in which we meet these requirements to give you a tangible idea of how a solution might meet these challenges.

Virtual Events To Watch


Transportation Trailblazers: Lisa Robinson on Going Above and Beyond

The Transportation Trailblazer series returns; featuring Lisa Robinson, Senior Program Manager of the National Safety Council in conversation with our VP of Partnerships Qiana Patterson. In this compelling conversation, Lisa and Qiana discuss the current transportation landscape, what is currently being done for safety and why it isn’t enough​​​​​​, and reasons why we need to lead with safety and go above and beyond the current safety ‘norms’.

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Transportation Trailblazers

Transportation Trailblazers: Supporting Vulnerable Student Populations

The second installment of our Transportation Trailblazers video series features special guest Sam Speroni of UCLA and HopSkipDrive's VP of Strategic Partnerships, Qiana Patterson. In this video they discuss the significance of truly equitable transportation for students, how transportation plays a role in academic performance, and why reducing travel time for students to and from school is important.

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Transportation Trailblazers

Transportation Trailblazers: Back to School in a Time of COVID-19

Back to School in a Time of COVID-19, features a conversation between Alex Robinson, former NAPT President and Toby McGraw, HopSkipDrive Senior Vice President of Sales. Highlights include back to school staffing concerns, trends in special education transportation and the HopSkipDrive COVID-Safe Ride Standards.

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