How HopSkipDrive Works

To set up a ride from the app or our website, just follow these three steps.

Caregiver time selection

Step 1

Pick a date and time. Schedule a one-time or repeating ride up to 8 hours in advance or by 7 p.m. for morning rides.

Connect with a CareDriver

Step 2

Connect with a CareDriver. Get matched with a fully vetted, experienced CareDriver, so you know your child is in good hands.

Get real-time updates and peace of mind

Step 3

Get real-time updates and peace of mind. Know exactly when each ride begins and ends, and where kids are every step of the way. Our Safe Ride Support System tracks every ride in real time.

How HopSkipDrive Works

Safety Is in Our DNA

Safety is in Our DNA

Safety is built in to everything we do. From our Safe Ride Support System to our 15-point CareDriver certification process, ensuring the safety of every child and ride is our top priority.

Rides for Your Family

Individual Rides

Individual Rides

Get your kids from home to school or camp, or to extracurricular activities any day of the week. Schedule one-time rides up to 8 hours in advance or by 7 p.m. for morning rides, and make last-minute changes without worry.

Recurring Rides

Recurring Rides

For regular activities like after school practice or classes, schedule a recurring ride with ease. Just set up the first ride in the app and set it to “repeat.”

Our Service Areas

We’re launching new neighborhoods every day. If we’re not in your area yet create an account to be the first to know when we launch.



Families Love Us

HopSkipDrive far exceeded my expectations. HopSkipDrive made sure my daughter
arrived at school safe, happy, and on time.
I would not hesitate to use HopSkipDrive again!

– Kabrel

HopSkipDrive has been a game-changer
for me. I'm a college counselor and need something reliable and safe. HopSkipDrive has great drivers and amazing customer service.
I set up the rides every weekend and the app on my phone gives me all the updates. I can actually see the car as it is moving en-route with my kids. I am a super happy customer
and a parent who thinks this is just the kind
of support working parents REALLY need.

– Kirsten

I am so thankful for HopSkipDrive!
My life has gotten so busy since I had twins.
When my oldest 13 year old daughter has an appointment, I know I can use HopSkipDrive
to get her to where she needs to be and also get picked up.

– Stephanie