School Transportation Insights

Learn how HopSkipDrive works with school districts to lower costs, streamline transportation operations and handle challenges related to bus driver shortages.

Explore current chronic absenteeism data, and learn how HopSkipDrive can help improve attendance rates so all students can access their education effectively.

Explore the pivotal connection between transportation and student success, and learn how HopSkipDrive is helping to break down barriers to education.

Learn about how HopSkipDrive partners with school districts, counties, and nonprofits to enable transportation for youth experiencing homelessness.

Hear firsthand from parents and caregivers about how their children's school transportation needs impact their lives, careers and families.

The 2023 State of School Transportation Report gave us insights into what’s going well in school transportation today.

Based on data from our 2023 State of School Transportation Report, we're exploring some of the top pain points facing school transportation teams today.

Review some of the main takeaways from our 2023 State of School Transportation Report to get insights on key issues impacting school transportation today.

HopSkipDrive is a useful resource for schools, districts, parents and caregivers looking to fulfill IEP transportation needs.

To unlock the benefits of career and technical education (CTE) programs, students must have access to consistent and reliable transportation.