HopSkipDrive Safety Advisory Board

HopSkipDrive Safety Advisory BoardAs is the case with the development and implementation of many of our safety-driven standards, processes and technology, the founding of our Safety Advisory Board came about due to our obsession with safety — and our deep commitment to always doing everything we can to ensure the well-being of everyone who uses the HopSkipDrive platform.

The idea behind the Safety Advisory Board, which was founded in 2019, was to collaborate with — and gain ongoing strategic guidance from — a team of industry leaders and experts in the youth transportation space.

As HopSkipDrive continues to expand, innovate and launch new safety features, we see this kind of industry expertise as a critical, and invaluable, part of our evolution as a company.

What does the Safety Advisory Board do?

The Safety Advisory Board supports HopSkipDrive by providing regular, ongoing advice and recommendations on safety policies, processes and technology. We aim to be, and remain, an innovative leader in the safe youth transportation space. With the help of our Safety Advisory Board, we hope to maintain and continue to build on our standing in the industry. 

The Safety Advisory Board also helps us position the company for the future by offering guidance on safety initiatives in both the short and the long term. “The productive dialogue we have with — and the actionable results we get from — our Safety Advisory Board is key to our mission,” says HopSkipDrive CEO and Co-Founder Joanna McFarland. 

HopSkipDrive Safety Advisory Board Members

Our Safety Advisory Board is a hand-picked group of youth transportation leaders who are at the very top of their respective fields. We’re proud to be aligned with some of the most well-respected organizations focused on youth transportation safety today.

Headshot greenNadia Anderson

SVP, Chief Staff and Strategy
Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Nadia Anderson, Ph.D., is a government affairs and public policy expert with a specialization in road and traffic safety and transportation equity. Her experience includes working with entities and all levels of government to build and shape new and innovative legislative and regulatory regimes. A senior management professional, her background spans the tech, nonprofit, public and private sectors. She serves as an advisory board member of Collaborative Science Center for Road Safety, and also sits on the boards of SADD Nation and Equiticity.

Safety Advisory Board member Torine CreppyTorine Creppy

Safe Kids Worldwide

Torine Creppy is the president of Safe Kids Worldwide, a global nonprofit dedicated to protecting kids from preventable injuries. For more than 20 years, she has worked with funders, legislators and community leaders around the world to develop and implement strategic initiatives, create meaningful partnerships and change behavior. Under her leadership, the Safe Kids Buckle Up® program has evolved into the most comprehensive child passenger safety program in the world, and the Safe Kids Walk This Way® pedestrian safety program has reached more than 17 million children in 10 countries. She led a blue-ribbon panel and convened a consortium to ensure children are considered as autonomous vehicles are being developed. She is also a passionate advocate on the Hill and in the media for vehicular heatstroke prevention.

draisin headshot with office backgroundNatalie A. Draisan

Director, North American Office & United Nations Representative
FIA Foundation

Natalie Draisan manages the FIA Foundation’s grants in North America and works to achieve safe and sustainable mobility worldwide. At the UN, she advocated for the inclusion of road safety in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and secured language prioritizing a safe and healthy journey to school for all children in the UN Habitat III New Urban Agenda. She is a board member of the National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders and the Transportation Research Board.

Safety Advisory Board member Lisa RobinsonLisa Robinson

Director of Government Contracts & Programs
HAAS Alert

Lisa Robinson is an experienced public speaker with expertise in successfully addressing behavior change with the topic of roadway and transportation safety. She is an expert in and spokesperson for occupational transportation safety, building solid relationships within the employer and transportation communities, including governmental agencies. In her previous role with the National Safety Council, she was the subject matter expert in the area of Safety on the Road, working with public and private organizations to address preventable motor vehicle crashes. 

Safety Advisory Board member Steve Simmons IIISteve A. Simmons III

President Elect
National Association of Pupil Transportation

Before joining the National Association of Pupil Transportation, Steve Simmons served as Director of Transportation for Columbus City Schools, where he cultivated a reputation among his peers as a safety-focused leader. During his 11-year tenure, he repeatedly implemented new technology to make buses safer, such as installing GPS hardware and cameras on every bus in his fleet.

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